I look for the Lord over the horizon I find He is standing close to me. I look for the Lord in the noisy places I find He’s the silence I can see.… Continue reading

Keep Shining

I just returned from Hyderabad. The RZIM 2013 National Conference was amazing. The rich presence of bounteous speakers from a NASA astronaut to Krish Dhanam to Ravi Zachariah was like drinking from an… Continue reading

The ALL THINGS NEW conference

The King Still Has Another Move..!

Tonight was just amazing! Have you ever waited and waited and waited for something to happen? And then you knew it would happen! And then you are still waiting! And time just seems… Continue reading

Fast Change!

Yes! I have been busy as ever. But very convicted that I could not blog as I did before. But I’m back with something fresh from God! Of late a lot has been… Continue reading

A New Year, a New Season

Today is Rosh Hashanah! This is the Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanah actually means the ‘head of the year’ and is always observed for two full days that begins on the 1st of… Continue reading

Are You Happy?

Yesterday I came home in the afternoon, threw out my plans for the day right out of the window, and then went to bed. I slept off the evening! There are three things… Continue reading

Wonders For You!

Have you ever waited for something to happen? And then the wait seems so long and painful, and you feel giddy with the questions and doubts swirling in your mind? You feel distraught,… Continue reading

I Will Wait

My eyes for You linger past the dipping sun And heart excites within my breast… For the thrill of ages to come beside You. Transfixed I look beyond my sight E’en though the… Continue reading

Are you a ‘Brokxn Kxy’?

I met a man recently, who was fed up of life and just wanted to lie down and die. Strange! This man was educated in one of the best schools I know. Went… Continue reading