Facing God


Facing God is an awesome thing!

It shatters your senses and assaults all your theories, your pet philosophies and super superstitions.

Facing God requires gutsiness. When I say gutsiness, I mean you need to be willing to get all your preconceptions, misconceptions, and all the stuff you accumulated over the years…all that stuff be…shattered to smithereens!

Facing God requires you to be alone.  It is an awesome place.  You suddenly find out no friends or family are there with you.

Facing God makes you vulnerable and your weaknesses suddenly come up before you, like a wave of white water that seems to engulf you all around.

Facing God is a challenge we meet up with in our busy humdrums of life. The challenge is to get aside. This is a choice you must make. Get alone. Get going!

So, have you ever faced God?

I have.

And every time I did, I came out lighter. My thoughts got clearer, my mind enhanced to a more proficient dimension, my heart seemed to sing new songs, and my body functioned better! My day got satisfying, my hopes lifted up, my strength renewed and ears cleared off from the multitude of voices around me.

I learned life’s precious lessons. Every time I face God, my pride becomes a wreck and I come out treasuring people around me. Suddenly everything has meaning and becomes precious.

You get vision. You can now count your blessings and see your destiny.

God is so amazing! He is personal. He speaks. He loves. He cares. And He cherishes me.

I feel safe, secure and satisfied. His Word comes alive, as if He’s speaking right there before you.

You can face God anywhere. Because He is everywhere.

You can meet Him in the park, in the confines of your home; in the bus or in the secret place you have for yourself.

There is one powerful lesson I have learned…if you really desire to face God.

Keep quiet! Let Him do the talking and you do the listening. Let the Lord minister to your spirit and look for that still small voice. Look for it! Sometimes when we are in a hurry we miss this by a mile, but you stay in His Presence and look for that Voice that begins to speak and minister to you.

His Word will give you more revelation in five minutes than a lifetime of study! And oh! He’ll kill the giants that rule your life as an added blessing.

And Hey…look up! He’s really there!