Your Miracle is on the Way!

Let me share my heart with you from John 21:1-9… This Scripture takes place on the Sea of Galilee. The disciples are in a miserable mood because of the horrifying events leading to,… Continue reading

Facing God

Facing God is an awesome thing! It shatters your senses and assaults all your theories, your pet philosophies and super superstitions. Facing God requires gutsiness. When I say gutsiness, I mean you need… Continue reading

Reality Check

We lived and ministered in and around the city of Nagpur for 13 long years. One of the aspects of true ministry was coping with very frequent electricity outages, and even more so… Continue reading

True and False

The Bible does not tell us to beware of prophets. But the Bible is very clear when it says; beware of ‘false prophets’ and their deception. Prophets have been misunderstood, played down, turned… Continue reading

One More Methuselah to Go!

I personally find the names of the Bible absolutely fascinating! They quite often contain hidden chunks of cherished truth that make the Bible cool to read and then to deeply study. I actually… Continue reading

We are in a Pharmageddon!

Well here I am again after a spell of another three hectic weeks. Having not blogged makes me feel I miss something. There are many reasons I was not blogging. Firstly, I was… Continue reading

The ‘spirit of Poverty’

I was sitting and talking to a church leader in the city of Nagpur last week and something just bowled me over about the confessions and professions he was making about himself and… Continue reading


I stand in awe of His handiworks sublime The heavens pronounce His space and time goes on and on but Eternity is just too small to portray the Life that lived and died… Continue reading

The Gate

Last week my wife and I were traveling back home from Nagpur. IndiGo flight to Mumbai. Both of us had had a busy week and since this was an early flight out of… Continue reading

What Walk?

Coming home from Tel Aviv airport is great! The airport signs in Hebrew and English are clear and facilities fantastic. Just fantastic! The security questions you and then examines your check-in baggage. I… Continue reading