We are in a Pharmageddon!

Well here I am again after a spell of another three hectic weeks. Having not blogged makes me feel I miss something. There are many reasons I was not blogging. Firstly, I was travelling intensely. Secondly my home Internet connection was troubling me. Thirdly my back hurts! And many more…

I was taking medication for my back when I noticed my body was craving for more painkillers. Being very careful because of my past drug dependencies, I quickly researched the ingredients of what I was taking. Then I dug in some more. Then more! And I was blown away.


We are in a Pharmageddon!

There is prescription and non-prescription drug abuse all around us and we haven’t noticed. It has crept upon us like a starving, sleazy serpent springing on its prey to guzzle us whole. From our babies to our adults…we are induced, loosed, reduced and spruced with stuff that keeps us in a medicine mania of amazing proportions. Just have a look at your medicine box or cabinet and truly check out how much of that stuff you take just because you’ve been sniffing a common cold or harbouring sprained an ankle.

Now, I’m not a medicine man myself. I just take what the Doctor prescribes, sometimes in blind faith and other times inquisitive about what I’m told to swallow three times a day.

But from the time our children are born till the time we are put in coffins…we live with a strange variety of medical extravaganzas that tell us we are being kept in good health. Oh yeah! The companies that make and sell them are slick. The advertisers are slicker…and we get sicker! But…but…but…we end up with bruised kidneys, livid livers, weak stomachs and bursting bowels! And then we depend on more medicines, extreme vitamins and all sorts of tonics, elixirs and tubes that pharma companies love to produce and we consume them by the millions.

Let me tell you one truth I have learned about pharma companies. It is a marketing madness. The Journal of the American Medical Association has published findings that ‘Adverse Drug Reactions’ cause over 100,000 deaths among hospitalized patients each year.

Albert Einstein once said that there were three types of lies – lies, damned lies and statistics! It is easy to provide statistical evidence, which creates the impression that all vaccinations work. Firstly, commercial interests are a major motive behind the vaccine drive, procuring the drug industry millions of bucks annually. Secondly, the medical profession, hell bent on preserving its power and prestige, cannot afford to have the public ever finding out the truth about vaccinations.

We are indeed living in the ‘Perilous Times’ foretold in 2 Timothy 3:1-7. The battle today is over God’s Authority verses man’s authority. Parents are being forced to drug their children or risk losing them to the ‘higher ups’…whoever they are…that think they are God. Families are being financially destroyed from high Doctor’s fees where no receipts are given. And a whole lot of pathological tests that has under the table commissions from all sides.

Well listen to this…

Vaccines routinely given to millions of children and adults can be very dangerous to your health, a respected neurosurgeon warns.

“The medical industry is making a fortune promoting and requiring unnecessary vaccinations,” Dr. Russell Blaylock warns in The Blaylock Wellness Report – published by NewsMax.com

Dr. Blaylock says that during the past few decades we have seen a “vaccination explosion.”

For example, the number of vaccines given to children has increased from a few vaccines, for polio and other common childhood diseases during the 1950s, to some 22 mandatory inoculations for many schoolchildren today.

Vaccines are even being promoted for newborns, often for diseases that pose no risk to children. The greatest danger is the vaccines themselves.

And many in the medical community would like to see annual flu vaccinations as mandatory.

Powerful lobbies are pushing for many more new vaccinations to be added to the list!

The popular theory is that vaccines vastly decrease the risk of disease, so the more the better.

But don’t believe it, Dr. Blaylock warns.

He argues that vaccinations themselves are now causing a major upsurge in childhood diseases, adult maladies – and even deadly ailments such as Gulf War Syndrome and Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock is an admitted medical maverick. He doesn’t parrot what the New England Journal of Medicine – which receives heavy subsidies in advertisements – claims.

Dr. Blaylock is a nationally recognized, board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author and lecturer. He has more than a quarter century of medical experience.


Yes it is…and we will go on in this way…there is no stopping now.

I agree there are many good Doctors. These are humanitarian humans who live under the Hippocratic oath… ‘that I will fulfill according to my ability and judgment this oath and this covenant:..’

But sadly, they cannot control the onslaught of the ‘pharma’ wave that is among us. The more we consume the more dependent we get till in the end everyone around lives off the common man.

My back still hurts a bit, and I must visit a good humanitarian Doc to find out the reason and the solution. But when I am asked to take painkillers and such I need to ask questions and be wise rather than get reliant.

Hey, get knowledgeable, get sharp and start asking questions.

Don’t swallow all that is said and given!