One More Methuselah to Go!


I personally find the names of the Bible absolutely fascinating! They quite often contain hidden chunks of cherished truth that make the Bible cool to read and then to deeply study. I actually thrive on these nuggets and they enhance my ability to understand myself and then in turn to teach that to others.

I am excited about Methuselah!

When Methuselah was born, his godly father Enoch must have surely prophetically known of the coming things for he named his son ‘Methuselah’.

So there is truly a special meaning behind his name. This Hebrew name actually carries behind it a Divine prophecy that pointed to and spoke of the actual flood of Noah.

Join me…!

The most common meaning for the name Methuselah is ‘Man of a Dart’ (Strong’s # 4968).

This word can be further broken down into two separate parts in the Hebrew language…the first ‘Meth’ meaning a full grown man, and the second ‘Shelach’ which actually means an instrument of war used for attack, a spear or a dart.

Here’s more…‘Shelach’ can also signify a missile, javelin, a sword…the root word is actually ‘Shalach’ which tells us that this is ‘sent out’ or ‘sent away’. Notice the similarity with the Greek word ‘Apostle’…one who is sent forth!

So here is an amazing picture of a man (a warrior) holding a spear in his hand. And what does a warrior do with a spear? He throws (sends out) the spear towards his enemy! The spear is sent forth!

So we can easily come to two clear conclusions. Firstly, Methuselah means…‘a man holding a spear, or a missile’. Secondly, Methuselah means…‘a man who is on a mission and sent forth like a spear or a missile’.

But there is also a third meaning…

This is more certain than the above two. Hidden within the folds of this amazing Hebrew language is the actual hidden meaning of Methuselah…‘when he is dead it shall be sent’.

We must understand that Methuselah lived in the days of Noah. In fact he was Noah’s grandfather. The very year Methuselah died, God sent the flood like a spear upon the unrepentant.

Let me say one more important thing about Methuselah, we need to note.

Methuselah was the man with the longest life span in the Bible (969-years).

Now that we understand the meaning of his name…can you imagine the Grace of God at work in one of the darkest periods of human history? God’s enduring patience and longsuffering towards mankind blows my mind, when I read about the sinfulness and blatant rebellion of humans.

But God is not slack concerning His promises…especially when it comes to the return of the Messiah, but God is ‘extremely patient’ (waited 969 years in Noah’s time!) to us and does not desire anyone to perish (2Peter 3:9).

Now here is what is in my heart.

In His blog, Joel Rosenberg writes…and I quote…

When Ariel Sharon published his memoirs, he titled the 592-page volume ‘Warrior.’ He could not have chosen a more apt descriptor.

That’s how he (Ariel) saw himself. That’s how every Israeli saw him. That’s how every Arab saw him, and every world leader, too. Love him or hate him — and few Israelis have provoked more controversy — everyone knew the man was, at his core, a fighter.

He also waged epic diplomatic, political, legal, and media battles that are the stuff of legend.

But on Saturday, the warrior’s final battle ended.

At the age of 85, Sharon passed away at 1:55 p.m. local time, while close family and friends gathered around his bedside to say their farewells.

This is no coincidence. And listen…this man was in a coma for eight years…just waiting for the right timing of God.

At first when I read this I had a funny feeling. Suddenly that funny feeling changed into a thought that told me something I had not even thought of before, but felt I should write about it in my blog…to me Ariel Sharon is likened to Methuselah.

Now that he is dead…something is going to break loose in Israel pretty soon. Something is going to be ‘sent’ forth. This is both a judgment as well as a revival so that many Jews will see their Messiah.

But wait!

I have not finished yet.

I sense as Ariel Sharon is likened to the Methuselah for Israel, so in the same way Billy Graham is likened to the Methuselah for the Church of Jesus.

This means the day Billy Graham dies, something will break loose in the worldwide church. There will be terrible persecution, many martyrs and judgments. There will also be great revival being sent on the Church worldwide. God is thrusting this upon us, and no one can stop it!

I am no prophet please. But I sense deep in my heart we are on a threshold of one of the greatest seasons in Israel and the Church.


Let the ‘One New Man’ come forth!