Bob Jones Goes Home


I just heard about five hours ago that Bob Jones has finally gone home to be with Jesus.

This grand-daddy of prophets was significant in my life as he spent nearly six hours with me in his home in NC, and then at a Red Lobster place sitting across me and eating prawns. This was 2006. It was significant because Bob ministered to me and shared with me his heart.

Bob had prophesied some real powerful things into my life and was a friend who actually sent me a CD with things he said to me when I asked him to help me with some dreams I had. God used Bob to touch and motivate many ministries that are flourishing today.

Just two days ago we were talking about him at home with some elders of the church and a fleeting thought crossed my mind. Just a fleeting thought. It was time for Bob to go home!

As I write this there are three significant things that come to me.

Firstly, this ‘grandfather prophet’ has gone on. It is time for the ‘fathers’ to rise and do the greater works of the Kingdom. The ‘Elijah’ anointing has come and more sons need to come forth than ever before in this season.

Secondly, the time for deception will be more real than before. It is in this period that we need to be careful for many false prophets would rise and deceive many. Check out my blog of 8 Feb 2014, ‘True and False’…strange…I just wrote this six days ago!

Finally…and there are two sides to this…on one hand there is going to be an increase of persecution and jibes against the Body of Christ and perplexity in nations. While on the other hand the increase of signs, wonders and miracles within the Church will be amazing. That’s why we need to discern which is from the Lord and which is not.

More ‘grandfathers’ are being called home this season. Bob was always available and gave one full attention when he heard and spoke to you.

If you are a ‘father’ in the Lord…rise up and take your place!