Monthly Archive: June, 2014

The Days of Noah…9

Continued from Days of Noah 8… Are the Nephilim among us already? Jesus spoke about the days of Noah. This the last-day sign. Luke 17:26…And as it was in the days of Noah,… Continue reading

The Days of Noah…8

I am fully convinced that technology works hand in hand with demonic forces to challenge and change our faith. Technology when used irresponsibly and blatantly breaking laws of ethics becomes the cousin of… Continue reading


Twenty five hundred years ago the prophet Daniel wrote that in the last days knowledge would explode phenomenally. He was right…very right! For centuries past these writings of Daniel was a mystery, but… Continue reading

The Days of Noah…6

A lot is happening in different nations all around the world. And our world is changing with breakneck speed. Men fiddling with genetics. Robots having sex. The social media now juxtaposed to control… Continue reading