A letter from my heart….

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My Dear COH,

I am dedicating this fast to those who will fervently pray.

Too long the church of Jesus in India has bickered and jostled for position and power and validation.  Our pews are filled with men and women who crave for the supernatural only to gain for themselves and for their own fame.

Our preaching is watered down. Our songs have lost their ring. Our prophecies are favoured and flavored by pleasing others. Our prayers have lost their burden, and our hearts have lost the pathway to purpose!

Where is the jealousy of Phinehas who rose and took a spear in his hand and went after the man of Israel and the Midianite woman spearing them through their bellies, and stopping the curse of God?

Where is resolve of young men’s hearts that had Stephen stoned outside the city walls of Jerusalem?

Where Oh! Where are the Joshuas who never left the tent of Moses?

Or the Elishas who washed the hands of his father Elijah and never let go till the mantle came down in double portions?

Then where is the toil of Noah? Oh! God where is the purity of Joseph? Where is the  love of Moses that caused him to return to Egypt and bring out a lost nation? Where is the resolve of Daniel, or the true worship of David, or the long suffering of Job, or the sacrifice of Isaiah? Or the cry of a ministry well finished like Paul?

I am dedicating this fast to those who will take a stand for God.

For those who will take a stand for righteousness and holiness.

For those whose hearts are set to follow to the end. Who will not take their hand off the plow, not be attracted to fame, not be tempted by fortune and not be sidetracked by the accolades of men.

To those who will lay down everything for God. To those who will not lose heart. To those who will not become weary. To those who will watch on the walls despite the arrows of the enemy. To those who are committed to the local church and her people. To those who will not let sin, degradation and sleight of tongue harm their resolve for prayer.

I am dedicating this fast to those who will be martyred.

Who will live and die under the guidance of the text…they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony…and they did not love their lives to the death. Most people fear what they face everyday. These people are different. You will not hear their voices…but every drop of their blood will scream out loud and clear to become the seeds of revival in this new day. Their blood will continue to flow because they will refuse to offer another Gospel, another Jesus and another church. I would love to be one of these, if God gives me the privilege to!

I am dedicating this fast for those who will be separated from the goats.

Who will take a resolve to live like Paul, walk like Timothy, fight like David, fast like Esther, cry like Haggai, stand like Peter and become humble like Jesus.

I am dedicating this fast to India.

My nation. My land. My inheritance. My portion. And yours too!

Now let us pray….

Pastor Willie Soans

Community of Hope, Mumbai.