True Passion


Passion is a quest.

A life-long expedition.

A soul-shattering discovery of the infinite attractiveness of Jesus…His Person and His love. The more you get to know Him the smaller you become…and the greater He looms significantly and exceedingly above you. Touching you. Changing you. Making you dependent on Him and keeping you running after Him for the rest of your life!

Passion is an insatiable craving to know the depths of the Father’s heart. To walk in fellowship with the Holy Spirit and to softly touch the tassles of the Son. Very few make it there. Only the gutsy, the determined and the courageous step into it. For once that craving touches your soul…you are caught up in a swirling vortex of love and lifted up on the pinions of desires you have never ever known.

Passion steals your heart. It whisks you away to dimensions you never realized to human understanding. There you become naked, open, weak, accessible…and then eventually broken to pieces.

True passion does not make boundaries, does not determine borders.

True passion does not limit that which pertains to human perception or man-made philosophies and thought.

True passion is an inner fire that remains unquenchable and is fanned mightily by the constant winds of knowing Him dearly.

True passion leads you from the known to the unknown, from one glory to another, but always hungry always wanting, always yearning for that Presence that brings satisfaction the world cannot fathom nor provide.

True passion is a paradox of reaching but not getting, touching but not achieving, of having but losing everything! For then it was Paul that said with emphasis of soul…I count everything but dung!

True passion comes when the human heart swells with revelation of that Divine Voice that whispers strength, secrets and sweetness of soul. True passion makes one strong, steady, solid and stable, unshakeable.

Indifference will not do.

Because passion has its permanent abode in the Word. It hangs on tenaciously and jealously…drawing its own strength and power from the Promises of a holy God.

A weak grip will soon slip away, but true passion is like a woman in labour…always pushing, always straining…to birth something new and fresh everyday.

My lifelong prayer will always be…

Oh! Dear Father…in giving, please give me true passion!