Get Back into the Fight!


There is a very pronounced ‘spirit’ of discouragement seeping into lives today. It sticks on like a leech and then seems to extract the life out of you…slow and steady!

People are losing heart. They are giving up the conflict. Their resolve is gone. They have become as pulp before their adversaries. The Devil is having a jolly good time dropping them as soon as they seem to stand up.

Outwardly they seem fine. They smile. Act normal. Say the right things at the right time. Some even like the company of others rather than being alone.

But inwardly…they are battered. They are beaten, flattened, crushed, trampled upon and deeply injured. Wounded actually.

Numbed and offended, we then want others around us to get hurt. So we carry secret weapons of verbal masteries…and we know when, and we fully know where and with whom to drop them…like exploding projectiles that cause pinch and pain.

Let’s be real. We have mastered the art of wearing and changing masks. The society we live in has made us that way and somehow we clandestinely love it. We wear different masks for different occasions, for different people and…hey, this is true…even for ourselves! Our masks have made us secretive, lost, lonely and we have a ‘touch me not’ cancerous ache deep down inside us.

We use Band-Aid. We don’t dig deep into ourselves to see what is actually hurting us.

It is time to get honest with ourselves first. Our critical tongue needs to be whiplashed by our own hearts. Our false attitudes need to become untwisted by an honest mind. And our falsities need to surface and be skimmed off by the Truth of God’s Word.

So don’t lose your fight!

Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 4:16…therefore we do not lose heart! How strange! Your heart determines your fight! So please get heart. Be honest. Be open. Be kind.

And for God’s sake change!

The world needs you man! Get back into the fight.