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Things that go Bump in the night.

We were really excited that our second daughter Ruth was born. It was Oct 1984 and the Medical College Hospital, Nagpur released Bev and the baby in just two days. We brought both… Continue reading

Willie’s Weekly Webcouragement #7

What is true repentance? Do we really need that in the Church of today. We are in the last days, no doubt, but a mixed up Gospel will bring a mixed up repentance… Continue reading

Unleash the Power of your Tithe!

In my Christian walk of over 41 years I have come across so many fellow believers who have such a problem with tithing. Some believe that this is an Old Testament practice that… Continue reading


Just now I sense a deep Presence of God around me…and I am overawed! So I thought I’d bless you with this. So be blessed!


God has given us the power to create wealth. The moment you were Born Again and know Jesus as your personal Saviour to receive that abundance for you. Wealth does not mean just… Continue reading

What’s the Hurry?

I’ve just finished reading Steve Hill’s book ‘Spiritual Avalanche’ for the second time. You should read it. It haunts me. It is like what happened to me the first time I read ‘Why… Continue reading

In Waiting, I Wait

My eyes for You linger past the dipping sun And heart excites within my breast… For the thrill of ages to come beside You. Transfixed I look beyond my sight E’en though the… Continue reading

Understanding a Prophetic Word

I have noticed many people are confused about receiving prophetic words…even from genuine people…and really don’t know what to do about it. So I thought I’d explain a bit. Here is a short… Continue reading

Manifest His Works

Someone asked me last week…“How can we see God work His works in our lives?” I thought for a moment before replying. And then we had a befitting conversation that ended up in… Continue reading

True Passion

Passion is a quest. A life-long expedition. A soul-shattering discovery of the infinite attractiveness of Jesus…His Person and His love. The more you get to know Him the smaller you become…and the greater… Continue reading