What’s the Hurry?


I’ve just finished reading Steve Hill’s book ‘Spiritual Avalanche’ for the second time. You should read it.

It haunts me.

It is like what happened to me the first time I read ‘Why Revival Tarries’ by Leonard Ravenhill. Those were my early days as a Christian and I was still in my early struggles with people and myself. But Ravenhill quaked the bones in my spiritual frame and I was never the same again.

But today it is different.

This struggle is not longer something earthly…but my spirit has begun a wrestling match on the same lines that Jacob had, if you understand. I am in a constant on-going wrestle-mania!

With what? You ask.

Let me tell you as frankly as I can.

There are three words that cannot leave me.

The first one is…urgency.

Things are happening at lightening speed all over the world. Nations are moving as if on a great chessboard getting ready to suppress and destroy each other. Huge corporations are getting ready for massive take-overs. Wall Street is ready to take one of the most colossal dives in a short while. Banks are busy with your money…you may not see that again.

And the church is still in a Rip Van Winkle slumber.

If we cannot understand the task that God has given us to share, preach and live this Gospel, we might as well pack up and leave!

If we are not driven to prayer and discernment we are deluded and decayed.

If we think we have all the time in this world and we have our ‘Indian mentality’ of ‘kal dekha jayega’ (We’ll look at it tomorrow…or…what’s the hurry?) the end will soon come upon us, and we will have no time left to do and become what God desires us to.

The second word is…truth.

Where is the truth? Nations and leaders have gone their own way. What used to be our plumb line and pillar has disappeared and washed out with subtle nonsense that we consider as genuineness. Our foundations stones have been shifted by men’s whims and the real truth is scorned at today.

It is the little things that make us strong and little things that make us fall.

When King Solomon talked about little foxes he knew what he was saying. It is these foxes that lie in wait for the owner of the vineyard to go and rest…and then they come in…chew the leaves, destroy the grapes and pull out the roots. They devastate the vine!

What has happened to our vineyards!

How many church leaders have strayed from the truth and turned into ravenous wolves?

Matt 7 is and incredible chapter. Beware of ravenous wolves who come to you in sheep’s clothing…Jesus said. Wolves are bloodthirsty driven by hunger and moving in packs. And so are false prophets and teachers, they are hungry for the innocent, the blind and the lame to devour and kill…and they move together standing for one another. Recognise them please.

The third word is…deception.

Jesus said…make sure no one deceives you. He had a reason. He gave a sign. This would be one of the most powerful signs of the end times. We are living it that time.

I was present within the same week the 2001 Bhuj earthquake had hit Gujarat in Jan that year. I was overwhelmed, as I had had the same dream on that fateful morning of 26th of Jan.

People were running behind the JCBs to see if their valuables could come up in the debris being pushed onto the sides of the buildings. Those memories have not left me; those sounds still ring in my ears. Within 90 seconds their world had completely changed.

Can we learn from history?

Can we judge ourselves honestly?

The end is nigh. Get urgent. Live in truth. And for God’s sake…don’t be deceived.