Unleash the Power of your Tithe!


In my Christian walk of over 41 years I have come across so many fellow believers who have such a problem with tithing.

Some believe that this is an Old Testament practice that is so ancient…and has no place in the church of today. Some believe that tithing was connected with the Law and since we are under ‘Grace’ this custom does not apply any more after the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Still others feel the tithe is too much to give and they prefer to give according to their own mindsets and thinking. And some also sense the Church of Jesus does not need the tithe…as it has enough money to sustain itself. There are others too who divide their money and give to different ministries they think would be blessed.

Edwene Gaines is a woman of power, passion, compassion and purpose. She travels extensively, teaching and inspiring people to show that God is our Source, and that we live in a rich, abundant and generous Universe. She shares with great humour and joy the spiritual principles of true prosperity.

Here’s what she says…Tithing is the act of dividing ten percent of your total income…not just your wages, but every cent of money you receive, including gifts, allowances, or even coins found on the sidewalk…and giving this ten percent to wherever you receive your spiritual food.  The act of tithing is an act of gratitude, and of faith.  We give thanks for our blessings, and have faith that we will be provided for.

I’d like to share three powerful thoughts to unleash your blessings on you. These are tested and tried in the crucibles of God’s Kingdom and is based on His eternal Word.

Firstly, your tithe speaks your redemption. In Deut 26:2,3…in the Old Covenant, God’s people would place their tithe—the first fruits of their increase—in a basket, present it to the high priest, and say to him, “I profess this day unto the Lord thy God, that I am come unto the country which the Lord sware unto our fathers for to give us”. The High Priest then receives them and presents them to God. In Hebrews Jesus is our High Priest, and He receives our offerings…and tithes…and presents them to the Father. It is here our redemptive blessings are exchanged…and we see the Promises of God come into manifestation.

Secondly…according to Col 1:13, says that Jesus has…delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son: Therefore today,as believers, we are living in the God’s victorious Kingdom. We have entered into our inheritance in Jesus Christ and possess it in His Name. Jesus is the High Priest of the New Covenant, and by faith we receive the entire manifold blessings that go with this.

Lastly…when we stand on our covenant with God and exercise our rights as tithers, we lay a foundation for success and abundance. Satan has no chance against us. According to Mal 3:11…tithing rebukes the devourer! When we resist Satan in the Name of Jesus, God’s rebuke is in action. God told the Israelites their words were stout against Him. They were confessing lack and want.

Therefore it is important to speak our redemption in order for the tithe to produce. Remember we have entered into or inheritance as New Testament believers and with us dwells the foundations for success and abundance.

No matter what happens around me…as a faithful tither I am always way on top!