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The Days of Noah…6

A lot is happening in different nations all around the world. And our world is changing with breakneck speed. Men fiddling with genetics. Robots having sex. The social media now juxtaposed to control… Continue reading

The Days of Noah…5

As I said…Whenever God’s judgment is pronounced, you will find that a way of escape has been provided. Noah’s Ark was the first mention in the Bible. God provided a way of escape…provided… Continue reading

The Days of Noah…4

I trust you will take time to read this…it can change your life for all eternity! Right there in Gen 3 there is a picture of salvation for all mankind. God’s gracious promise of… Continue reading

Webcouragement #10

Jesus has the desire to come to your domain and touch you at the point of your need, restore you and set you up to be the person you ought to be!

The Days of Noah…3

God in His mercy has given to us as Christians, two sets of scales. The first scale in our hearts is conscience by which we can measure what is right and what is… Continue reading

Webcouragement #9

Four barriers that will hinder your destiny in God. You can be an overcomer…you can walk in His power everyday and be victorious.

Webcouragement #8

Acts 2:42,42…Getting back to the fundamentals of the early Church. Going back to go forward! May you be richly encouraged and blessed!

The Days of Noah…2

What if you found out that all you ever learned in history and in geography were really untrue? Every day new reports are breaking out about supernatural things that are happening on earth… Continue reading

The Days of Noah…

The story of Noah is one of the most fascinating in the entire Bible. It is not just good material for Sunday schools and children but has a depth that makes us sit… Continue reading

Things that go Bump in the night.

We were really excited that our second daughter Ruth was born. It was Oct 1984 and the Medical College Hospital, Nagpur released Bev and the baby in just two days. We brought both… Continue reading