Job 42:5. I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear; But now my eye sees You;

It was early morning in November 1979. I stood praying and looking at the expanse of the Arabian Sea. My spacious office on the 13th floor of the ornate 5-star Hotel where I had my last job, was a great place to be. As assistant Chief Engineer I loved my job. I had a deep desire in my spirit to serve God full time. I was already leading in ministry. But deep inside me I desired to serve God fully all my life. In a month’s time I would be married to my lovely bride. Quick changes were coming.

When you want something, I mean really want it; you can feel it in the very bones of your body. You don’t need anyone to push you. You’re more than willing to do whatever it takes.

Getting into ministry was my goal! Serving God was my life-time vision!

A goal is a specific target to achieve something. It includes the stratagems and plans you use to move towards your vision. You should set and achieve goals only that promote and are in line with your vision. Vision brings direction. It’s your desired future. Your vision includes what you believe in (your core values) and what you want in your future (what you want to be eventually).

If you don’t have a vision, your goals can be defeated!

Get a vision.