Joel 1:3. Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation.

Never! All my life I will remain ever grateful to my father because of what he imparted and instituted in my life. He was the cleverest I will ever know in engineering design. And boy he knew his stuff! Eventually I never learnt from textbooks, I learnt from him!

During college holidays, he would call me to his place of work. I could not sit inside his cabin because of security reasons, but he always gave me a revolving chair to sit on (boy! I liked that so much!), and a huge desk close outside. He then would load me with the latest machine designs, and the famous ‘Popular Mechanics’ magazines, I loved so much.

He was more than a father. He was my friend!

Today on Father’s Day, not everyone can have such memories. But whatever you have gone through or whatever has happened in your family…take the great memories and cherish them. Pass them down to you own children.

That’s what the Israelites were taught to do when they came into their land. They were told to teach the precepts of God, that they themselves had learned, and pass them to their own children.

This Father’s Day, more than anything, treasure those moments of life. You’ll be amazed what your children will accomplish!