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Don’t Defeat Yourself!

Recently I have come across many people who are facing crisis either in their lives, their business or some even in their ministry. There is a vast difference between crisis and progress. Let… Continue reading

Get Back into the Fight!

There is a very pronounced ‘spirit’ of discouragement seeping into lives today. It sticks on like a leech and then seems to extract the life out of you…slow and steady! People are losing… Continue reading

True Love

It was the summer of 1969. We had just finished our ISC exams and were running free like butterflies in the wind! I remember sitting in a South Bombay theatre with a gang… Continue reading

Willie’s Weekly Webcouragement #3 Deut 8:3b

God teaches us the He is our sustenance and life! Without Him we truly cannot do nothing. Jesus is indeed the Bread that came down from Heaven.

I’ve Been Thinking…

Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set. Prov 22:28 I’ve been thinking… In the last twenty years or more in most secular universities, truth is no longer seen as an… Continue reading

Willie’s Weekly Webcouragement #2 Deut 8:3a

Walking in humility and in the hunger for God will release your resources in miraculous ways in whatever season of life you are in!