The Days of Noah…2


What if you found out that all you ever learned in history and in geography were really untrue?

Every day new reports are breaking out about supernatural things that are happening on earth today.

People all over are seeing signs in the sun, moon and stars. Do you know that fallings stars that are actually falling perpendicular to the earth? People have been sending in reports from American Indian reservations in the US of actual ‘stargates’ opening up and elliptical, cigar shaped and round UFOs appearing in the sky and disappearing in an instant. What then can we say about Crop Circles coming on overnight and severe cattle mutilations all over the UK? Then we also hear about people claiming to be abducted by aliens, being transported through walls and closed windows into alien ships, and then having their genitals tampered with. Have you heard of strange sounds all over the world…deep, loud and almost scary? These sounds do have some scientific explanations…of the earth’s magma spinning faster than the earth’s surface itself…this means we are in for a terrible catastrophe where the ‘mountains’ under the sea will suddenly surface and tsunamis and earthquakes will abruptly change the earth’s crust.

Something is really happening.

In the sky…Aliens, UFOs, Stargates, signs in the sun, moon and stars.

On the earth…we are seeing perplexity, wars, ethnic hatred, violence and revenge. Human life has lost its value. There is an upsurge of a ‘Rich Elite’ who will eventually control the world economy and literally destroy billions of humans through scientifically monitored diseases and robots doing their bidding. Again the redesigning of the human gene, mixing and matching with animal genes…bringing so called ‘humans’ and chimeras with amazing, beyond the normal capacities. There is a transhumanistic doctrine that is being quietly but surely prepared and making the planet ready with Hollywood and the Entertainment industry solidly behind it, funded by billionaires and led by lost men. Nations are in disruption, meticulously and thoroughly planned and executed by wicked politicians who are slaves of the Illuminati and follow Masonic ideals. At the same time we see a rise of pseudo-religions that claim the new ‘Messiah’ will come suddenly. He will come with a new Gospel and we must submit or be annihilated.

And then under the earth…strange noises, the earth actually groaning…and very strange phenomenon of millions of fish dying nearly on a daily basis ever since the turn of this year.

Somehow we have been hoodwinked by education and media…both entertainment as well as news, either by intent or by accident so that when the actual truth is presented…there is denial. We have had our minds filtered very imperceptibly, and so it is impossible to think on lines that truth actually reveals…especially in the Bible.

The whole evolution lie is so strong in our midst today. The lie about abortion, and the week old fetus just being a ‘blob of flesh’ is another lie that lives on so strong. Then there is the concept of marriage and the redefining of it today. And I can go on…child labour, child porn, and child marriage and child sacrifice.

The Book of Genesis is not just about past civilisations and crude cultures that were primitive in their ways and walked around as technological ‘duhs’. The events of Genesis actually happened, and are more real than the computer you are using to read this.

Evolution tells us that man was a dumb brute, who took ages to evolve into what we are today…and then are still evolving to become a Master Elite race that control everything around him…including the heavens.

But history proves different. It challenges our mettle of truth and discernment. It helps us read and understand God’s Word as it is meant to be and history proves that God runs our lives, our planet and our future.

The Devil is real and is a master in concealment and cunning. From the Garden of Eden till today he is ever busy to steal, kill and destroy that which the Creator has done. Only the Truth of God’s Word and the knowledge of who He is can help us not only escape from this fowler’s snare to have authority over him to take our place in God’s plan for the ages.

More next time!