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The Days of Noah…6

A lot is happening in different nations all around the world. And our world is changing with breakneck speed. Men fiddling with genetics. Robots having sex. The social media now juxtaposed to control… Continue reading

The Days of Noah…5

As I said…Whenever God’s judgment is pronounced, you will find that a way of escape has been provided. Noah’s Ark was the first mention in the Bible. God provided a way of escape…provided… Continue reading

The Days of Noah…4

I trust you will take time to read this…it can change your life for all eternity! Right there in Gen 3 there is a picture of salvation for all mankind. God’s gracious promise of… Continue reading

The Days of Noah…3

God in His mercy has given to us as Christians, two sets of scales. The first scale in our hearts is conscience by which we can measure what is right and what is… Continue reading

Unleash the Power of your Tithe!

In my Christian walk of over 41 years I have come across so many fellow believers who have such a problem with tithing. Some believe that this is an Old Testament practice that… Continue reading


Soon theatres in my city will be filled with hordes of Christians going to watch ‘Christian’ movies that come in before Good Friday and Easter. (By the way ‘Easter’ is not a Biblical… Continue reading

Willie’s Weekly Webcouragement #1 Deut 8:1,2

Thoughts to encourage, strengthen and comfort you from Deut 8. Be blessed!

The Gate

Last week my wife and I were traveling back home from Nagpur. IndiGo flight to Mumbai. Both of us had had a busy week and since this was an early flight out of… Continue reading

Trick or the Greatest Treat?

This was Friday, Oct 25, 2013, 7:02 IST, Mumbai, DNA news…here’s an excerpt… If you see a ferryboat full of women donning black robes and long, conical hats arrive at the Gateway of… Continue reading

Keep Shining

I just returned from Hyderabad. The RZIM 2013 National Conference was amazing. The rich presence of bounteous speakers from a NASA astronaut to Krish Dhanam to Ravi Zachariah was like drinking from an… Continue reading