The Days of Noah…6

A lot is happening in different nations all around the world. And our world is changing with breakneck speed.

Men fiddling with genetics. Robots having sex. The social media now juxtaposed to control our lives, our movements and our doings. Slowly but surely the Book of Revelation, written 2000 years ago is unfolding like a huge scroll that cannot be evaded.

I remember there was a time of innocence. I grew up in times when there was privacy and people minded their own business. The freedom we enjoyed we can actually never see again. It was impossible to believe or even imagine…that someone could be overhearing my phone conversation, or peeping into my living room and bedroom to see what I was doing.

Today the iPhone, the iPad, the high speed internet and gadgets galore have lured us to to become devilishly drunk and constantly addicted with a silly stupor of wanting to know what the other guy is doing. I lived in days…and I believe I still do…where family is important, Mums and Dads needed to be honoured, the elderly cared for, and the children kept an eye on and protected. I lived in days where morals were considered important and where chivalry was practiced, and the opposite sex respected. You were law-abiding, tax- paying, truth telling and honest dealing in your business.

Then came Nietzche’s ‘God is Dead’, Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ and Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’. Then came Woodstock with all it’s clippings of drugs, psychedelic systems, rock music and rebellion. Then came free sex, free love and free disease…where sons never knew their fathers, and fathers slept around with multiple women who moved around bra-less and ever ready for a roll in the hay, perverted sex and orgies. Today the world has changed. Metamorphed. Mutated. Mangled. Miserable. And mad! In reality the world has become cruel, selfish, deceived and despising self-control.

Our generation though educated and learned has become a ‘think not and do stupid’ generation. Selfies posted on the internet have become as common as the crows that sit around cawing. Foul language, rebellion and cross dressing is the ‘in’ thing. Men behaving like women, lusting for one another, and locking lips in public is an accepted norm that was considered a silly taboo in my days. Can or should I say more? You know what I mean.

Christians are dying for their faith. Pastors are being killed, falsely implicated and put away. Boko Haram, one of the most vicious groups ever risen in society have again proven that man has become what God never intended him to be. Demonically distorted and diabolically active.

In a literal dungeon in Sudan sits Meriam Ibrahim, an educated doctor who refuses to change her faith, and is condemned 100 lashes and hanging. The world sits and reads and watches their TVs and gets back to their daily chores. Meriam is in chains. Daily caring for her two children. And then listen…Christians too are no longer the good chaps. Every form of compromise, tax evasion, glut for money and huge buildings prove that leaders are looking for name and fame…playing games with the lives of the innocent. Christians involved with paedophilia and porn. Christians involved with casteism and revenge. Christians involved with pilfering church property and living off widows and orphans. Christians involved with lies, sex, double standards and jealousy. Apostasy and lawlessness has come among us. Dark demons have risen up. Vain philosophies revealing the idiocity and foolishness of men living according to their own plumb lines of lifestyle, and desiring to become god.

Now I am weeping! Oh! God where are the true prophets? Would You please raise them up to speak the ‘as it is’ Word of God. Would our Sunday services bring out the cry of heaven and the heart of the Father? Please God…please…please…let us return to You! Please Father dear…let the Holy Spirit come with conviction and bring Truth again. Raise up men with backbone, virility and imbedded in God’s truth. Raise up men…who are will to be martyred and die for the standards and excellence of the True God of heaven. Men who hate falsity and fame, men who are committed, and know the courts of Heaven. Men who have spoken to the Father before they stand in front of congregations. And men who are fearless.

The spirit of lawlessness is here today…

The Days of Noah are upon us…!

More next time.