The Gate


Last week my wife and I were traveling back home from Nagpur. IndiGo flight to Mumbai.
Both of us had had a busy week and since this was an early flight out of the city I decided to have my coffee and then relax on the flight to Mumbai.
As usual I am an early bird by habit and after the security clearance and stuff both of us were seated side by side facing the gate where we needed to pass through to board the bust to our aircraft.  The busy section was bustling with activity and three flights were awaiting to board including ours.
I noticed several passengers next to me carrying the IndiGo boarding pass, you can see that sticking out of shirt pockets or make out the baggage tags.
Suddenly there was an announcement. This was done in clear crisp English by a young girl. The announcement was for the GoAir…flight to Delhi. As usual in India we see people just run to the gate, and we Indian have a habit to form our own lines!
The gentleman sitting next to me, was also noticing the wild melee at the gate. But both of us noticed something together with pure chagrin.
In the wild rush a few people that were to travel to Mumbai via the IndiGo flight got in through this gate. We could not believe our eyes!
They went through the security at the gate and were also overlooked by the airline personnel on duty there. This only shows the pressure from both sides. One side in a hurry to get to the plane…while the other in a hurry not to lose precious time.
The gentleman next to me suddenly erupted in a loud voice…”Look at that!” he said,  “Did you just see what these guys have done!”  Too late. They had already boarded the bus to be whisked off to the waiting aircraft to Delhi.
Shortly we heard the announcement to board our own flight through the gate mentioned on our boarding passes.
I’m sure they must have found out their mistake once they boarded, or other airline personnel would have noticed that.
But all this set me thinking as we boarded our aircraft and settled into our seats.
Wrong gate…wrong destination.
How true! Jesus said…I am the Gate; whoever enters through me will be saved…
The way has been clear through the eternal work of the cross of Jesus. The announcement made 2000 years ago. All we need to do is to walk through at this great invitation.
And hey…imagine, what confusion to send these guys back from another plane to the one they should be on actually. Precious time lost for both flights. People frustrated. Personnel angry. Security guards pulled up!
But the lesson is clear and is beholden to the truth…
Wrong gate…wrong destination.
Please make sure you’ve heard the right announcement in life.

Then your destiny is sure!