Feeling lost right now as you read this?

Well, you’re not alone for sure. I had mountainous problems of self-identity before I became a follower of Christ. It was only then that I received hope and ‘woke up’ to myself.

You may be discontented with different parts of your life. You feel there is more to life than what you are engaged with at present. And you feel a distance between you and the people you meet with, even though you call them friends. And then finally you feel totally out of sorts and uncomfortable with the person who you really are.

I too had lost my own identity. What I mentioned above, were some of the feelings I struggled with personally. And at that time…1973…there was no one who probably understood me, or even help.

So, one day I decided to sit up and deal with myself. I prayed and asked God to give me resolve and resilience as He helped me deal with so many issues in my life. So here are some suggestions for you. But, remember, I first ‘made up my mind’ to change.

Something to consider – what is lost can be found and restored, and what is genuinely found can never be forgotten! (Joel 2:25).

I learned that you discover identity in bits and pieces, and not all of a sudden.

I learned that true identity is formed through self-awareness, by letting go of my pre-conditioned thoughts and past beliefs.

I learned that my surroundings had put ideas in my head about the type of person I ought to be.

I learned that a strong identity is upheld by the capacity to realise my ‘life-purpose’ and live it.

I learned not to believe the lie, that I was an isolated being. I believed I was a part of an elaborate interwoven system of fellowship, community, foundations, and a ton of great principles that made up the end-time Church of Jesus. (Acts 2:42).

I learned that my identity would keep on changing for the better every time I overcome milestones in my life, my lifestyle and my thinking.

I say this because as you move through the different phases of life, you might feel the need to refurbish your identity so that it better reflects where you are and who you want to be in the present.

I learned that ‘in Christ’ I am a brand-new creation, old things are passed away for good. (2 Cor 5:17)

I learned that your body and mind are what you use to experience who you are on the outside, but your ‘spirit’ renews itself by God’s Holy Word daily…therefore, victory in all things is wholly possible.

I learned to ‘capture’ my purpose in life and hang on to that no matter what. It is here that the Promises of God and the daily meditation of His Word powerfully benefits you.

I learned that you must not let your emotions use you, but instead, to be dependant on the Holy Spirit who gives you the ‘Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation’ to counter any situation that arises. Always remember a relationship does not define you, it complements you – it draws out the best in you as you keep strong relationships. And if a relationship ends, it does not mean a part of you is lost.

So, we must become missional.  Go beyond who we think we are to allow the authentic self to reflect our identity. Step outside your comfort zone and learn to submit to God’s Holy Laws.

Also note, your true identity can never be lost. Ever!

So here is what I desire to stress very strongly. Find a good local church. Be accountable and responsible to leadership as they guide you. Discipline a daily and systematic prayer time with God alone. Methodically study the Word of God. Maintain strong friendships. And finally, preserve close fellowship with each other.

This is not a solution…this is the only solution!

Identity is not form of fatalism, where, no matter what you do, your life is destined to turn out a certain way. That is unbiblical. It is up to each of us to learn who we are and then, to act upon this knowledge in applying the wonderful Word to our daily lives.

Psalm 139:14…I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful; I know that full well.

Get to know that full well. The quicker the better!