For me personally this time of experiencing sickness, surgeries, other unexplained phenomena, and attacks on my physical body, has been quite challenging. While I do not think every issue that I faced was caused by demons, I really do want to open your eyes to the fact that there is an enemy out there focused on bringing you to destruction.

Whether we like it or not, all of us followers of Christ have been born into a war.

This war is vicious, unending, and perpetual with an exponential increase in depth and offensives from all sides. This war pits darkness against light. This war brings the enemy of our soul, Satan, the accuser of the brethren, against God the Most High.

As followers of Christ, we need to understand that Satan has launched a vehement and private crusade against us. Succeeding in spiritual warfare does not only come through just acknowledging its presence in and around us, but we must take a passionate possession of the Eternal Truths present in Scripture and then arm ourselves like fearless fighters.

The Bible says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hos. 4:6).

When we are ignorant of the enemy’s plans and strategies, we leave ourselves open to attack from him and his minions. God wants us to be ‘well-informed’ in all things, so we can defend ourselves against the disdainful philosophies that Satan raises up against the will of God.

Careful now.

All this does not mean we steward an unhealthy obsession with the demonic, for that is not helpful in any way. Instead, we must keep our eyes focused on God and exercise strength from His perspective.

Just two things I must share.

Firstly, many believers are surprised to find that the issues they face are caused by demonic activity. Be it a sickness or a financial crisis, a partnership with sin, or an outright attack. Believers can be just as harassed by demons as non-believers. While I do not believe Christians can be possessed (because the Holy Spirit lives inside us), I do believe unclean spirits can attach themselves to us in various ways, especially if we purposefully walk in rebellion and disobedience to God’s Word and ethics.

No, the devil does not carry more power than Christ inside of us and there is no demon equal to God. However, when Christians lack the tools necessary for identifying and rejecting the devil’s schemes, they leave themselves open to demonic influence and attack. Many Christians have no idea how much the spiritual realm affects their health, thought processes, their choices, and their daily living.

Just look at the depression and suicidal tendencies in believers today!

In dealing with demons all our lives, I am convinced that demonic forces of various levels vie for control especially in those that are ‘open’ to disobedience. These demonic cohabiters of earth, bound to the unseen realm, include rulers, authorities, dominions, principalities, and powers (Eph. 6:12).

Secondly, as followers of Christ, our job is to reduce and remove the impact of these evil beings and replace their influence with God’s Kingdom.

How can we do this?

Many believers place a greater emphasis on the physical things that can be seen or proven. But as Scripture says, the invisible realm is just as real. Demons are real.

It is time to take up the sword of the Spirit and drive back Satan’s armies. It is time to pray unceasingly and take back all the ground lost over the years. We can do this together. It is already beginning to happen all over our nation, and worshippers and leaders come together.

In these days when violence is endorsed, illicit sex booms, and sensible morality fades, the Indian church must stand up, expose evil, and release truth. We must fulfill our call and assignment as co-laborers with Christ, we must unleash more opportunities to secure God’s Kingdom on earth.

This has been our calling since the beginning.