You know, Jesus did not give a formula for discipleship.

Jesus just lived His life here on earth and left an imprint of that lifestyle on the lives of His disciples. Everywhere He went, whatever He did, and whatever He taught became solid ‘stampings’ from Heaven that was forever inscribed on the hearts of those who followed Him.

The moment I was born again I became a disciple. The words of Jesus in my Bible were printed in red. So, one day I spent just underlining those words and taking notice of them. Then right through the following months, I wrote them on pieces of paper and kept them in my pocket, spending time reading and meditating on those powerful, faith filled words. Then I began to speak to others, discipling them and mentoring so many.

There are just four things I’d share with you to become an effective discipler.

One – teach others all you know. Share from your heart. Don’t preach down on them, nobody needs that!

Two – meet them regularly. Spend time with them. Look deeper into their lives and help them wherever and whenever you can.

Three – expose them to the supernatural realm. Your testimonies and personal life experiences will help them understand God and the Bible in a fuller way.

Four – have fun together. Invest in their lives. Take them out for coffee. They will never forget those things you share with them. Laugh, eat and enjoy life together. With so many broken families today, multitudes are longing to experience and be a part of a loving family (Malachi 4:6).

God can use you. You don’t need a pulpit. All you need is your heart and your time!

And hey! Look back! Is someone following you?

Love all of you.