You hid in this stable behind the cattle standing by. You waited. Your heart thumping inside you. You felt it would jump out of your chest if he took any longer to come. You know your family would not be looking for you yet. They were thinking you were at the river with the other girls, as they washed. Every moment you would lift your head above the cross beam where the cattle were tied, to see if he was coming. You can hear the people passing by the children shouting as they played and the rustle of the cows tied close by.
You love him to bits. These secret meetings were getting more intense as the time passed by. You desperately desired to be in his strong arms, get his lingering kisses, feel his tender touch and hear his honest words whispered in your ear.
But he was married. This was the deep stab of pain in your heart.
And you knew the risk. Getting caught would mean death. The Law had no feeling. The Law was dead to true passion.
Then suddenly he came! You ran into his arms. The embrace said all. He was passionately in love with you. And then there was no stopping now. No stopping! And you could not keep anything from him any more.
Moments passed. Time actually stood still for you.
Then they came! Shouting, cursing, screaming. The man you love, simply got up and bolted through the back door of the stable. You were lying there on the floor. Embarrassed and scared. Fear gripped you like a paralytic attack and you froze.
They hauled you up by your hair. The searing pain told you the next moments would be the worst. They dragged you through the dusty street. You fell several times till eventually they threw you at the Temple steps. The searing sun, the hot street and the bruises now bleeding as your tender skin tore in several places. Your friends stood shocked. Your neighbours came running.
The priests that came out gave further permission to the now swelling crowd, screaming for your blood. Some kicked you, some spit on you, some cursed you. All you could do was hide your face.
Then they led you to a place close by. They threw you down at a man’s feet. You could see his dusty shoes. The edges of his robe showed he had good upbringing. They came around him and screamed out. “We caught this woman, we did!” Another priest came forward and said with a loud voice, “we need to stone her. Take her to the gates.”
Then suddenly everything turned quiet. This man bent down almost on his haunches and began to write in the dust. He came closer to you now. Through your disheveled hair and your tears and blood streaming down your face you could not see clearly. His presence suddenly gave you hope. The crowd was afraid of him. Then he stood up and with a strong voice said, “anyone here without sin? You can throw your stone for sure”. Then silence again.
You lay there. Time seemed to stop again. The pain, the embarrassment, the shame was overwhelming. Thoughts raced your mind. Your future was suddenly very bleak. The man you loved was nowhere to be seen.
Then a gentle hand touched your shoulder. He helped you as you staggered to stand up. And then you saw his face. He had the softest eyes you had ever seen. But tears had welled up in them.
“Woman! There is no one left here to condemn you. I do not either”.
He gently wiped a tear from your face. Pushed your hair away from your eyes.
The love was so much. You’d never ever experienced this love before.
Then he said with a soft tender voice, he said, “Woman, don’t sin any more, you’re free”.
His face. His face, you saw so clear now. And suddenly a tsunami of hope flooded your soul!
What an incredible God we have!