Your sense of time is amazingly accurate. You’ve read the stars with utmost care. For nearly 18 months you crossed this vast and dry desert that can kill man and beast in a day if lost. You trusted your camel to the core. This powerful beast has carried you nearly thousands of miles. And you’re so glad you chose him when you did.

Far in the distance, in the heat of the day, you can see the shimmering skyline of the great city of Jerusalem. Set on a hill, no one can miss this sight. Your heart races to see the Messiah! This one Man who can save the entire world. This one Man who can free us from Adam’s sin. This one Man who makes His abode in Heaven. This one Man to whom angels submit. Abraham saw Him. Moses met him. And Daniel spoke with Him.

What would He look like? Will He be dressed in regal robes? Would He look like his father? Will He need armed guards next to Him? What would be the colour of His skin? His eyes? Strange questions indeed. But you’d like answers as the camel trudged on and you increased his pace to a slow trot.

The union of Jupiter and Venus still shone so brightly in the eastern sky above you. Looking like one huge star, you are awed that this event has not occurred in the last 2000 years. No Babylonian or even Mesopotamian record showed that. The Persian charts never spoke about this. Wow! What a powerful sign. How can anyone miss this first time event in more than 2000 years.

At last you enter this great city. The gates are majestic. A bit battle scarred, but magnificent. The guards let you through because they saw the might of your train. Your soldiers. Your servants. All armed to their teeth.

But there is no fanfare here. Surprising! No celebration. Terrible! The city of the Messiah! You look back and see hundreds of camels following you. Some have joined you in their journey to this city. They came from the Incense Road, some from the Silk Route, from India, from a place called China. Strange tongues but all were dressed their best today as they sat across their camels. They came with gifts and gold. They came to join you in worship of the Messiah, bringing along their best and costliest. Carrying all that for for thousands of miles more than you!

You raise your hand and the entire train grinds to a halt. The dust rises. Your servants who are walking beside you now quickly take hold of the reins. The beast has smelled water and is restless.

Some people gather around you. Your chief servant suddenly comes beside you on his own camel. He knows this language spoken among some of your slaves. He enquiries, “Where is one born King sir?” The people look surprised. Some have even reached out to touch the beads on your camel, and stroke the beast. The answer came quickly. “There is only one king here. He calls himself the king of the Jews. He is Herod. Turn right, you can’t miss the palace!”

Okay! You decide to go there. In your mind you think…there has to be the Messiah here. The stars always tell the truth. You’ve staked your life on this. And what about those coming from further east? Surely they cannot be mistaken. They have seen the stars too. You take the reins back and in Chaldean call out to your faithful camel. “Let’s see this king!” You decide.

Soon you see the palace gates. But your thoughts are intense. The message of the stars has finally brought you here. Your God is never wrong. He is more accurate than the timings of the sunrises and the passing of comets. He placed the stars in place. He knows each of them them by name. He numbers them and they stay at His command. You can see His Glory written like a scroll. It has never shifted from the heavens. Nearly all your life this saga of the first deception, the intensity of violence, the picture of the great Conqueror, His coming in great Glory, and His going forth in power and might is so plain to see.

You get off your camel. This faithful beast turns his head to smell you and to thank you silently. You walk towards this elaborate marbled courtyard. The gardens are well kept. The guards well armed.

Your spirit inside you tells you this guy you are about to see is just a mere man. Let him call himself by any title. He is just another man. Hey! And even your own house has a better courtyard than this.

Where is your Messiah? You want to see Him. You desire to bow before Him. To empty all the camel loads to Him. He is so worthy!

You take the steps to the throne room of this human and puny king. His guards walk behind your faithful warriors.

And you know that you know that you know…

What an incredible God we have!