You came out of your tent and the cool desert air brought a sense of freshness to your nostrils. As you stretched your arms with a loud and lazy yawn. The gritty sand beneath your naked feet felt so refreshing as your toes dug a little deeper. The eastern sky gave you the hint of a new dawn displaying its changing colours. Another good day was at hand. The camels tied nearby had raised their head looking back at you quizzically. Already your servants were rushing about their tasks preparing for the days ahead.

In the rising light you can see hundreds of other tents stretched across the sands and beside them thousands of other camels, some sitting, some standing, their doleful sounds vibrating in the wind. The whole camp was waking up!

And suddenly you felt there was so much work to do. The stars have told you enough.

Quickly coming back into the tent, you see your close friends still sleeping. Some snores told of tiredness and long late nights.

You have already finished your arrangements for this long journey. Your excitement hit the tent top, but this was going to be the best journey of your life. You know your timing is right, you must leave now.

You come out of your tent again and shout out to your servants commanding them to get the camels going and string them in order. Your friends begin to stir.

This journey must begin as the sun rose to herald these great and awesome days long awaited.

You’ve been a Magi all your life.


You’ve studied the movement of the heavens and the planets within the constellations.

The birthing, the violence, the battle, the victory, and the fulfillment of this Kingdom you have meticulously charted over the years. The heavens now finally point to a Great King and Messiah born in your lifetime. The prophet Daniel taught all Magis this, and it was handed down to you with much care.

What you and your fellow Magis have been watching in the heavens for months will now finally culminate in and through this Great Messiah you will see with your own eyes.

You cannot miss this opportunity of a lifetime. Travelling east to Jerusalem was a challenge indeed. You’ve gathered all your treasures. Instructed all your servants. Brought along your strongest warriors. And personally chosen all your best camels.

News had filtered in that hundreds of other ‘heaven watchers’ are joining this historical journey. It will be safe. No local marauders will dare attack your train.

Your Magi friends are up. Excitement fills the air. The morning your food, of baked beans, bread, nuts, dried fruits, yoghurt, and cheese was eaten in a hurry. You are now sitting on the lead camel. Your friends are just behind you. The treasures are well guarded, especially the camels carrying expensive frankincense from the port city of Asich, on the Incense Road from India and Ceylon. The gold carefully packed. Your other Magi friends have packed hundreds of pounds of Myrrh on their camels. All to be given in worship to this Messiah, spoken of before Creation.

Today the Messiah has been born on earth! His star is still seen just over the horizon, bright as ever, beckoning and challenging every bit of reverence within your soul. You raise your voice in in an old Chaldean prayer to God. The camel beneath you jerks and begins to take the first steps.

The sun has risen, and this great journey to Jerusalem begins.

What an incredible God we have!