It’s your wedding day today!

The vows under the chuppah are done. The ‘Mazel Tov’ just finished. The wineglass broken to shards. Now the reception is about to begin. Your excitement hits the shamayim.

The fragrance of the food mingled with perfumes of the flowers and the ladies around is simply amazing. Your ‘made to order’ clothes are the best you’ve ever had. And most of all! You are longing in your heart to be with her again. This special girl you are going to spend your life with has ‘captured’ you. Your imaginations have gone wild. You can’t wait anymore! With a nervous tic you adjust your kippah and shift your tallit for the hundredth time.

The Rabbis have already come in and are sitting in the place of prominence specially made for them. Your senior most aunt, Mary, had called in much earlier in the day. She has arranged all the proceedings for the evening. The caterers have been given their courses for the huge dinner. She will be stationed at the back of the house where the food and wine servers will await her instructions. The noise rises. From where you stand the musicians behind you are suddenly in a frenzy. The people begin to shout.

And then she enters! Your heart beats faster than ever. You so want to see her face, as she nears you. You hold her hand at last. She smiles back at you. She is happy! Your heart skips again. And then the dancing begins and the wine and the food flow freely.

A short while goes by.

But suddenly the musicians stop playing. Some guests raise their voices. Something has happened. Your parents rush to the back of the house, to the kitchen. You leave your wife’s hand and quickly follow after them. You hear the chief servant say to Mary, “the wine is over, we have nothing left, what shall we do?” You look at the empty wine-skins on the floor. This is true, the wine is over, and we cannot get anymore from anywhere around. A sense of shame comes over you. What will people say now? The whole of Cana will be talking about this. Your friends will make fun of you.

But a man is standing nearby. A while ago he was dancing with his friends. You find out he is Mary’s eldest son. You edge closer. You hear Mary say to the servants, “Please listen to him, and do exactly what he says.” Water is quickly brought from the family well and poured into the stone jars in the kitchen. Water! Man! you need to see this. Water!! The man stands next to the filled jars.

In the midst of all your uptight, hyperventilating family, he is smiling. With a quiet and firm voice, he says to the chief servant, “now serve the wine to the guests”. He turns around to go, and he bumps right into you.

He is looks straight at you! His brown eyes penetrating your very soul, and for the first time you understand this man is different than any other man you’ve ever met.

Suddenly your wedding has meaning, and so does your future!

What an incredible God we have!