In the last blog I wrote about the four time tested levels to put in place before you even begin a Small Group.

Here are another three foundational trues you need to be careful of.

I strongly believe that every Small Group should be attached to a local church. This is because you can easily begin with a clear and a set vision. If that is not possible, you need to have a worthy mentor around you who can guard and monitor what you are doing. If you launch out on your own there are dangers that lurk within and eventually will turn that Small Group into what was not really required according to God’s Word and heart. When I look at the history of Small Groups, I find, this kind of setting becomes cultic and exclusive, and will mislead many innocent followers of Jesus. It is here that erroneous teaching will thrive and literally birth serpents!

Another factor you will need to look into is that there is a recognised leader among you. You cannot have many leaders, even if you do, there should be one among you who can have the final say. Remember God’s Kingdom is not democratic, but theocratic. And as my own Pastor taught me…many heads make a monster!

Finally, if you are leading a Small Group, then you must become responsible for the lives of people you teach, encourage and build up. That is why accountability is the factor we all need to keep. You cannot be in authority, unless you are under authority. Romans 13:1 to 5, is good to read and study for yourself.

Your life and lifestyle becomes a model. This is so important as an example to those around you.

That will be in the next blog. Shalom!