Do you love to teach someone the way you’ve gone? Do you love to share Truth?

Then let me help you start a small group.

Before I begin, I would love to share four determined and time-tested levels for anyone. I am assuming you are in a Bible believing church that has a burden for discipleship and true growth.

So here goes…

I always say that if you have known Jesus for more than two years and are walking in His ways. Not in and out like a weaver’s shuttle, but you’ve seen a steady growth in your Christian life. That you have been ‘under’ some good consistent and strong teaching…Then the first level of starting a small group has been achieved.

The second and crucial level is just this. You need to have done a good foundation course your church has for yourself. Why I say this is just because your local church’s foundation course will always carry the vision and passion of the church. Everything you do must be in the flow of your local church and the vision they carry!

The third level is to take permission from your leadership and get a few ‘new’ followers and befriend them.

Lastly, find a safe place that is non-threatening to anyone and where you can spend at least an hour a week consistently with them. Remember the key for this level is consistency.

Next week…I will share some vital tips that you will need.

Go ahead and put the levels in place first.