Our Creator God has placed His creativity deep within us!

We, each one of us, have that capacity of unique creativity in every faculty of our being. We are essentially wonderfully made. And if you truly have a real relationship with this magnificent and majestic Creator of ours…then there is no limit to where you can go, and what you can achieve.

He has placed His image in you.

Your creativity is your self-expression. It is distinctively and intrinsically wrapped in your DNA.

So whatever you do, comes out to define who you really are. Your works prove you. Hey! Your works are actually the accumulation of your beliefs and your personality and it ties in with your experience.

So, let me ask you just one question.

What drives you?

For me, it is my passion, and that is what actually motivates me to do what I love to do and what I need to do. It excites me. It challenges me. It gives me fresh horizons every time I set out to be the man God made me.

What drives you, should fascinate you. What drives you must make you inter-act with your world. What drives you should take you to the utmost for His highest. And what drives you should make you like Him when you eventually see Him.

Go on! Don’t stop!