Have you thought about so much ‘kachrapatti’ you have in your home right now?

Have you always desired to throw out all your clutter but haven’t come down to it? Yet…and you are always reminding yourself, “Gotta do that man!” or for that matter, “When am I going to get organised?”.

Organizing Isn’t enough. Shed your stuff, change you’re the way you live, lay out a plan for clearing out both physical and sentimental clutter.

Mumbai is already such a ‘jammed’ place. Our homes need some air for sure.

So, what about all the sentimental stuff? Family heirlooms? What about those jeans and clothes you still have in your already bursting cupboard, thinking you’ll get into them some day. You actually won’t.


Don’t be. Change your life and living!

Clutter grows and grows on you. This becomes a ‘space robber’ in your house and you are kind of ‘forced’ to keep them. So, you find corners, you find spaces under beds, you find gaps in between furniture and you store them. (We Mumbaikars, have somehow a self-learned expertise in this magnificent art!). Listen, you are never going to give them away and they will stick to you wherever you go, even if it is new house! Tell me. I’ve done this before.

Here’s my take…take it or leave it!

Often all this senti stuff are things and representations of who you once were. And this paraphernalia  really keeps you stagnant, especially when their purpose is over. I know memories are good. But I feel strongly that they should not overcome your home and living space. If you have a large home that’s another story. But I’ve personally dislocated many a toe trying to avoid clutter as I walk around the house.

So just SHED. What’s that? I read about this some days ago. SHED, by the way, is an acronym for “separate the treasures, heave the trash, embrace your identity from within and drive yourself forward.”

I have given up my clutter…forever!

Here’s a bit of advice. The first ‘clutter zone’ to conquer is the entrance to your home. The stuff comes in by mail, shoes and shoe boxes, laundry wrappings, shopping bags you love to collect, and such stuff that visitors coming in would love to see. Then you have to explain and tell stories of the past! Just have a look at our bathrooms! Ha!

Let’s all have some breathing space. Open up your home. Walk around freely. Give stuff away. Live simply.