Story telling is an art that has come down ever since the Garden of Eden!

A crowd is rapt with attention when a story is told, and as soon as the story is finished the attentiveness fades away. The oral ability of man was remembered and passed down from father to son, and then to their sons and to generations down.

In the New Testament Jesus told some spectacular stories, many inspiring stories, every story carrying life’s lessons and great stories describing heaven. Jesus taught in the plainest way, at the same time in a profound way. And more…He communicated in the language of the people He was talking to, and with things that were very plain to their daily lives.

Matthew 13:3…he did not say anything to them without using a parable.

Stories hold our attention.

Stories stir our emotions.

Stories create passion.

Stories expand our imagination.

Stories help us not to forget.

Stories help us value others.

And stories help us communicate effectively.

Hey! The Bible is essentially a book of God-inspired stories. This is how God communicates to us in His Word!

Get someone’s attention. Tell a story!