It’s Here! The Days of Noah



So what’s happening?

On 29th April 2016, the US Army’s top general, General Mark A. Milley, the 39th Chief of Staff, just admitted that the military is preparing its young men and women to fight off an alien invasion.

“You’ll be dealing with terrorists, you’ll be dealing with hybrid armies, you’ll be dealing with little green men, you’ll be dealing with tribes, you’re going to be dealing with it all, and you’re going to be dealing with it simultaneously,”

Whoa! This amazing announcement should not surprise us at all.

You can take ‘little green men’ to mean some soldiers privately fighting in green uniforms, but they are certainly not ‘little’. They would be highly skilled and trained of course. Also what about ‘hybrid armies’? Is it true that humans are being genetically tampered with to become better evolved with science and technology?

The times have changed. GRIN is real, (The acronym GRIN stands for – Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology). All this working together is the New Age doctrine of Transhumanism and human-animal Chimeras, gestating in research farms the world over.

I’ve been saying this for many years now. Satan is no longer hidden. His agendas are plain to see. The Church needs to be ready to face the greatest time of deception ever.

We are in the days of Noah indeed.

Be well informed.