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So, what if I’m confused and don’t know what my next move is? Jeremiah 19:11 describes the plan God has for me. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the… Continue reading

It’s Here! The Days of Noah

  So what’s happening? On 29th April 2016, the US Army’s top general, General Mark A. Milley, the 39th Chief of Staff, just admitted that the military is preparing its young men and… Continue reading

The Days of Noah…9

Continued from Days of Noah 8… Are the Nephilim among us already? Jesus spoke about the days of Noah. This the last-day sign. Luke 17:26…And as it was in the days of Noah,… Continue reading

The Days of Noah…3

God in His mercy has given to us as Christians, two sets of scales. The first scale in our hearts is conscience by which we can measure what is right and what is… Continue reading

It is me

Dear Saviour it is me I stand alone with Thee No shadow spans my sight, no noise my ear to smite My heart is fixed to time with you From vale right on… Continue reading


Soon theatres in my city will be filled with hordes of Christians going to watch ‘Christian’ movies that come in before Good Friday and Easter. (By the way ‘Easter’ is not a Biblical… Continue reading

I’ve Been Thinking…

Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set. Prov 22:28 I’ve been thinking… In the last twenty years or more in most secular universities, truth is no longer seen as an… Continue reading

Are You Happy?

Yesterday I came home in the afternoon, threw out my plans for the day right out of the window, and then went to bed. I slept off the evening! There are three things… Continue reading

Keep Dreaming

How are your dreams going? I seem to be dreaming more than ever these days, particularly about individual people and seeing their struggles and victories. In one dream I saw a person talking… Continue reading

No Flips for Me. I’m Going Home!

Being an engineer, I understand something of physics. The sun is about to flip its magnetic field. That means the sun’s North Pole will become the South Pole and vice-versa. This is a… Continue reading