Jer 30:21, “…for who is he who will devote himself to be close to me?” declares the Lord.

When I first became a follower of Jesus, my whole life pivoted around prayer, reading the Bible and fellowshipping with people who were like-minded. I grew by leaps and bounds and soon began teaching other young people the foundations of God’s Word. I was a true seeker, a quick learner and eventually became an efficient disciple-maker.

Let me share with you some important factors right in the beginning of this year.

Your personal, daily, devotional time is the most important part of your day. If you fail there, you will fail everywhere else also. Do not all deep relationships require fellowship and quality time spent together? Your relationship with God is no different!

Jesus spent time with the Father regularly; This was the source for all that He did.

If you don’t do this daily, you will lack the fruit of the Spirit in your life, you will be frustrated and unfulfilled, you will not be able to accomplish your God-given calling in life and the victorious Christian life will never become a reality for you.

Many people have a very hard time making a quality, daily quiet time a habit.

Choose to devote yourself to be close to Him. Begin today!