I am more than convinced that many leaders have a very short attention span. This includes political and corporate leaders, and not just leaders in the church.

For instance, in the US the corporate media has done a great job in hiding the true status of the Ebola virus. Instead the news channels are filled with stuff that seems irrelevant in the wake of the spread of the dreaded virus, and all I hear is very short snippets of that kind of news.

The true focus has been taken away and most people are living in oblivion for that matter.

This deadly Filovirus, called Ebola looks like a fiery serpent. Take a look at an electron microscope image for yourself. This virus also carries an unforgiving and merciless path of mayhem and destruction that shocks us all. Have a look at the statistics.

Is this virus part of the fiery serpents that the Book of Revelation talks about?

Are we now ready for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to be released all over the earth…or has it already begun?

Is this virus hitching a ride with the Horsemen, galloping across the earth with breakneck speed and vicious results for all mankind?

Have you noticed that the first patient to die on US soil, Mr. Thomas Eric Duncan, passed away on October 8 this year…and hey! this day was the very same day of the second blood-moon in the 2014-2015 tetrad?

Oh! Lord have I gone off the handle? No! Definitely no!

Because the Lord did not put the stars and the moon in the heavens just for beauty. Nor just for poets and songwriters to be moved and melodies be birthed. As it is written in the Book of Genesis…God put the stars for signs and seasons. This is truly for us to know the end is very near and a new beginning is about to happen.

Is this another harbinger for our times?

Is this a part of an armada of bio-weapons released on mankind to fulfill the message of the ‘Georgia Guidestones’, fulfilling the plans of the elite few?

You think and then…don’t forget to pray.