It is very true that our God hears prayer!

We are encouraged to go to the Lord in prayer and to call upon Him. The Word is in our mouth and heart. This is the Word of faith. Did you know that the mouth and the heart are connected? He Bible says that the mouth speaks out of the heart’s abundance. Whatever is on your heart will eventually find its way out of your mouth…this means your prayers, your confessions and even your negative words.

I like what Isaiah tells us. He says that before we call God answers! Wow! This is because God’s ears are attentive to our cry and especially to the prayer of the righteous (1 Peter 3:12).

There are three things I’d like to share from my heart to yours…

Our prayer life will determine where we land up in our faith and daily walk with God. Elijah was a man of prayer before he became a prophet. His confession to Ahab, the weak and backslidden king of Israel at that time, made clear his personal stand with God. Elijah said emphatically to this pathetic king…As the Lord God of Israel liveth, before whom I stand. Elijah’s daily walk with God brought him to become a prophet in the land. Before we even think of any kind of ministry, our prayer life and walk with God will determine our future and our victories.

Do you know that you can pray yourself out of any situation?

Calling on the Lord will certainly bring deliverance and freedom for your enemies says Psalm 18. This means there is no adverse situation for the Christian. God takes us through troublous times, of course, but God also take us out of that and gives us victory always. That is why we are more than conquerors. The prayers of the upright are truly a delight to the Lord.

Finally, we have been given the keys of the Kingdom. Jesus says that in Matt 26:19. This means we can bind and loose. Wait a minute! Many still don’t understand what this really means.

When we bind the enemy it just means that we restrict him form doing what he desires to do. We stop him in his tracks. We fetter him in irons. We break his strategies and spoil his plans. We arrest him in such a way that the enemy is paralysed and can do nothing.

When we loose something, we untie it. We unlock and liberate something. We forgive and let go. We release in every sense of the word.

But we need words. Words that come from the backing and the revelation of Scripture.

This means our prayer will surely thwart the works of darkness and take away discouragement and defeat. This also means sickness, disease, witchcraft and manipulation must go. We can also loose others and ourselves from the works of the Devil.

This will result in peace, prosperity and powerful daily living.

Let us pray!