Careful! Make Good Choices.

We live in a world where we must make daily choices in whatever we do. It is difficult to live with someone else making choices for us. In our days of immaturity we had our parents and teachers do this. But we no longer remain infants.

Our choices are born within the boundaries of our upbringing and culture, but most importantly our foundations. Foundations are important. They form the pillars that will eventually be the main building blocks in all we do and achieve in the future. True foundations come from what choiceswe learn ourselves, what we are taught by our peers or mentors, and how we react to circumstances around us. Our foundations also spring from deep relationships that have in some way or another, negatively or positively impacted us at some point of our lives as children or adults.

Therefore our choices will determine the strength of our relationships, and the commitments we make at home and abroad. It is here that humility and teachability both play a very vital role.