Twenty five hundred years ago the prophet Daniel wrote that in the last days knowledge would explode phenomenally. He was right…very right!
For centuries past these writings of Daniel was a mystery, but in our age we see this as an amazing reality.
The speed of the increase of things happening around us is incredible…just yesterday, it seems our credit cards were the most modern things we kept in our wallets…but today all merchandise is identified with an RFID, or a QR code for tracking. Our smart phones can do immensely more than what huge computers did just five years ago. With so much rapidly advancing technology you will be tracked and followed by what you purchase and where you hang out.
The world is getting ready for this to enter our daily lives…a cashless economic system is upon us. All we need now is a huge economic crash to come worldwide, and it must come…for the Antichrist to step in and bring change overnight.
In these last days, the Bible tells us that only those that have a ‘mark’ on their hand or forehead will be able to enter and avail this economic system.
Tom Horn, a noted scholar and researcher, talks about the latest ‘electronic tattoos’ on the body merging technology with biotechnology…and this is already in use in some nations. This epidermal electronic system or EES, is a silk-laced microelectronic system that dissolves and leaves the circuit imbedded in the skin. This will be tied to a universal Wi-fi system that will eventually control, track and reveal all buying and selling.
Get on the internet and see the ‘Google Chip’ that is soon to come. and also
Hey…a real time monitoring of our lives is just over the horizon. The ‘mark’ of the Beast is actually a numbering system, that will eventually control and rule the whole planet. This seems like a fairy tale now…but much is already on the anvil and planned meticulously by those that will control banking systems and economy.
A world dictator is soon to come. This will be both religious as well as politically joined, and controlling the new economic system being set in place as I write. Whoever this guy is…he is already around. He will use this surveillance system to keep tabs on our everyday lives. This system will require everyone to worship him, and the ‘mark’ used inside the body or on it will become mandatory to all.
We have to choose whether to take the mark and worship the Antichrist or not to take the mark and worship Jesus!
Time seems to be running out!
If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Saviour this is the best day to receive Him into your life. Follow Him, read His Word and get in fellowship with like-minded believers.
If you are backslidden, this is the best day to get back to God. Repent. Get your life in order and walk with Jesus!
Time is really running out!
The Bible warns that those who take this ‘mark’ of the Beast will be damned eternally!
What a day for choices!
The Days of Noah are upon us indeed!