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One More Methuselah to Go!

I personally find the names of the Bible absolutely fascinating! They quite often contain hidden chunks of cherished truth that make the Bible cool to read and then to deeply study. I actually… Continue reading

I Really Cannot Forget

I just came in from my third visit to Israel this morning feeling great…(maybe a little tired of the travel, that’s all!). What a refreshing time just to sit and hear God’s Word,… Continue reading

Fast Change!

Yes! I have been busy as ever. But very convicted that I could not blog as I did before. But I’m back with something fresh from God! Of late a lot has been… Continue reading

A New Year, a New Season

Today is Rosh Hashanah! This is the Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanah actually means the ‘head of the year’ and is always observed for two full days that begins on the 1st of… Continue reading

We Need to Change First!

The plethora of scams and the cancer of corruption is battering our nation like a sledgehammer coming on with the speed of light. One news channel after the other is ever so frenzied… Continue reading