No Flips for Me. I’m Going Home!


Being an engineer, I understand something of physics.

The sun is about to flip its magnetic field. That means the sun’s North Pole will become the South Pole and vice-versa. This is a time scientists call the solar maximum and it will bring the most violent solar flares, as earth will be open to massive doses of electromagnetic pulses.

A direct hit of these of electromagnetic pulses from a solar flare not only would knock out all unprotected electronics but could subject 90 percent of world’s population to starvation and death, particularly in urban areas. Critical infrastructures on which our society rests would fail and cause a cascading effect of every form of breakdown. Electronic systems will just fry up. There will be no phone networks and the failure of power both in generation and distribution will fail.

Scientists say the mid-way point is expected in about four months – a December/January time frame – putting Earth in a position of greatest vulnerability even as the solar maximum diminishes well into 2014. Scientists for NASA, have said the sun will reach its most intense period this year and well into next. (Read more at

Well, we live in unpredictable times. Anything can happen anytime. The science community has been saying things that are terrifying. All around the world in hundreds of labs the human genome is being fiddled with in the name of research. DNAs are getting crossed with other DNAs. I read stories of abductions and cattle mutilations. Then there are UFOs being observed all over and their presence is burgeoning by the day. Newscasters are reporting strange sounds that are coming out of the atmosphere in hundreds of cities alarming people and frightening children. The comet ISON comes later this year and will whip around the sun, nearly grazing it. How it will affect the earth only God knows. And I’m not too sure of this…but there are reports of black-eyed kids roaming in twos and knocking on doors and asking to use the bathroom late at night. Those that have seen them say that they froze in absolute fear and panic filled their hearts.

Meanwhile terror strikes often and everywhere. Hatred and revenge are designing bombs and arms so lethal that every living thing within range can just evaporate in a microsecond. Soon your banking procedures, your earning and spending will be followed carefully. You will be marked with an embedded chip that can be detected by roving satellites above while drones keep an eye on you. As you walk on the street cameras watching you will measure your heartbeat, pulse and facial expressions to monitor whether you have an evil intent in the next five minutes, and the police will nab you before that. Psychologists say that mind control techniques and processes have advanced more than 200 years into the future. Now an entire nation can be controlled to do exactly what is needed. Some say we have more information in a week compared to an entire lifetime of those who lived in the 18th century.

Surprised? I’m not. It’s going to get worse. Just wait till the nations cascade under the soon coming economic crash. Just wait till politics will become unstable and dictatorship will take over in many nations. Just wait till laws change overnight, morals dip to the lowest ebb, and gangs roam the streets pillaging and killing. Then what? Will we turn around? Will the phantasmal phoenix rise again from dust and ashes? Good questions.

I have no fear. My Bible tells me Jesus comes and takes us home soon. I’m ready man! But listen…are you?

Willie Soans