Careful…the End is Near!


I am studying the Book of Revelation again!

In Chapter 1 and verse 3, a little phrase has caught my eye and then my stirred my heart. The phrase is, “…for the time is near”. Another translation says…the time is at hand.

I can just envision John writing this book. He’s probably sitting on a rock in a cave and he is hearing the words of Jesus and his apostolic nature just kicks in…he needs this messages to go to the churches, there is probably a sense of urgency in John’s spirit. John does not want to miss a word or a sentence, being spoken to him. The time is near!

The appointed time is come. The season foreordained by God is so knowingly ‘now’.  I believe this does not preclude us from inferring these stirring words as referring, not only to events near John’s time, but also to other events of which this small tiny phrase becomes the insight and foretaste for the future.

To me personally, this has done something deep within. The end that has been foretold has suddenly come upon us. This then must be watched with all seriousness. This means that when these events begin…the rapidity of this will amaze us all.

All the pieces of a huge cosmic jigsaw puzzle,  all the ancient prophecies are at last coming together to reveal a divine big picture. We are now the final generation, and there is enough clear and undeniable evidence that points to our generation as the one of whom Jesus spoke when He said, “This generation shall not pass until all these things be fulfilled.”

Look around! Nations are in chaos as never before. Ethnic hatred rises from us as never before. Divisions that are breaking families, churches and homes as never before. Economic upheavals that have astounding figures and will come to terrible results as never before. Moral and ethical boundaries broken as never before…and hey! We can go on and on…as never before!

This means I ought to get my life right. Call sin as sin and not anything else within. I’ve got to take time, sit down and deal with the stuff within my heart. I’ve got to turn around and forever change my attitudes, my ways, my thoughts, my desires and whatever needs changing. In short, I must repent! Whoa! A bad word in churches today…!

But listen, it must start with me. Then it can go around and be seen.

I know this for sure. God hates sin, and will punish both individual sinners and nations. But that means that every individual and every nation will be found guilty when measured by the standard of God’s perfect righteousness. God does hate sin, but if God merely caused calamities and sickness over people — there would be no hope. The cross gives me hope, and a surefire future. Jesus died for me.

The words of Jesus in Luke 13:2-5, make the most sense to me. When a tower fell and many people died, they questioned Jesus. Then Jesus stated, “Do you suppose that these Galileans were greater sinners than all the other Galileans, because they have suffered such things? I tell you, no; but except you repent, you shall all likewise perish”

The time is at hand. Do what is right. Don’t wait for ‘towers’ to fall on your head.

Willie Soans