Look Deeper, Walk Taller

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Back again at Bengaluru airport!
This time waiting for a flight back to Mumbai…and waiting to get home.
Hey, let me tell you one of my experiences this time…
While in Mysore, my left heel started up again and the pain began to get a bit irritating. I had to limp around.
My friends noticing this unbalanced walk of mine, immediately whisked me away to an orthopaedic surgeon they knew well. Soon we arrived at his practice, and ushered in to his cabin like greased lightening.
I was surprised…this dear doctor did not look like a surgeon to me.  Perhaps my imaginations were looking for an elderly man with spectacles dangerously perched on his nose and a deep deep look of knowledge in his eyes. Sometimes we imagine weird things! Nevertheless…
This doctor was young, energetic, sharp looking, tough and his smiling face and soft voice immediately told me this gentleman had character and poise!
After the usual introductions he took a look at my heel. His deft fingers knew exactly what was happening and he said…”Let’s take an X-ray…look deeper to rule out anything else.”
The X-ray took hardly any time and I was in his cabin again. And now the revelation! He pointed out to something near my heel. “You’ve got spurs”, he said.
Spurs! Yikes! I’m suddenly in the John Wayne and Clint Eastwood clan. Spurs! “I should be on a horse”, I thought.  Okay…Spurs! So now what?
He smiled at me! “Are you a biker?” He asked. Aw! My Harley Davidson T-shirt, belt buckle and boots gave me away! Well…I was going to say something…when he said, “I am a biker too! And so is my wife!” The conversation went to bikes, and he showed me the photos of his Ducatis, both red and black. We talked bikes, roads, horse-power and will power. Then he asked me what I did for a living. I don’t think he fully believed me that I was a dead man walking. My life given away to Jesus when I was just out of my teens. Serving God, loving Him, teaching His Word and seeing lives change. We laughed, we talked awhile. I liked him. He was my kind of guy! And I shared my life with him.
He wrote the prescription. A gel for the pain, and silicon heels to be placed in my shoes. I pulled out my wallet to pay him…”No charge!”, He said, “You do so much for people, this is the least I can do for you…”
What a man! God bless him richly. I will write and thank him for sure.
So here I am traveling back to Mumbai. I am wearing silicon heels inside my shoes. I feel half an inch taller…and feel better already. The pain is easing off.
Tell you a secret…look deeper, you’ll end up walking taller!
Willie Soans