The Atmosphere



Here I am…just outside the Bengaluru Airport, and breathing the cool crisp air that is blowing gently across the seating area. I’ve just had a cup of the filter coffee I love so much and the taste has not yet left my mouth.

We got off the plane not just half an hour ago. The temperature board shows 20 Celsius. Wow! That is for me especially.
I feel energetic. I feel alive. Suddenly the ‘feel-good-feeling’ area in mybrain is exultant, and my spirit is rejoicing. The myriad noises and constant cacophony around me has not disturbed me at all! People moving, cell phones ringing, couples whispering, children laughing, porters shouting and many dreaming…has not cast my attention away from being relaxed. I suddenly hear God speak to me!

You know what! The atmosphere has made the difference.
I am thinking now. What if an atmosphere of the Holy Spirit descends on the Church as they meet together? The atmosphere will determine the things that will happen that day. People will pay more attention to heaven rather than the ‘earthly’ noises around them. People will be open to the voice of God and people will breathe in that atmosphere and be made well in their bodies and their spirits. Their weariness will go. They will be alive again! They will be obedient again.
Now how can that be done…!
Just by sheer obedience to the Scriptures. Just by walking with Jesus constantly throughout the week. Just by taking every Promise and believing with the whole heart. If we do this the atmosphere around us will change whenever we gather for worship and prayer.
Think about it.
Let me go now…I have a connecting flight to Mysore.

Willie Soans