I Love Coffee

There are many days that I wake up early.

It’s 4:30am. And I love the smell of freshly ground coffee brewing. Soon it is on my table and I am reading my Bible, asking God, seeking the Father and worshipping Him. Often times my guitar accompanies me.

I love coffee! It refreshes me and gives me a good start. But I love coffee especially early morning when my heart’s desire is to hear from heaven. I get excited when God responds to my thoughts. I get happy when He leads me to parts of the Bible I need to know. I get ready for the day. I get on!

How the Father loves me. He reveals Himself in myriad ways. He surprises me everyday. His heart is so full. His thoughts are accordingly majestic. His hand is doubly sure. His face just shines on me. His voice is so clear. And deeply within I am satisfied!

I am refreshed.

I love the smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee.

Especially when I wake up early to hear the Father’s voice.

Willie Soans