It’s Coming Sooner than you Think


A revolution is coming. And I am looking forward to it with all my heart!

When it comes it will take the Church in India to a new level. It will bring potent and far-reaching changes…so much so, that the present structure and organization of the Church that we are so used to, will cease to exist and the way we define Christianity in this nation will be radically changed.

I am not talking about the change of doctrine, but a change in the very basics of church life. I am talking about a sweeping sense of God’s righteousness, His justice and signs and wonders that will overshadow anything that has happened in the past history of the Indian Church. From Waman Rao Tilak, to Pandita Ramabai in Maharashtra, to John Nelson Hyde in the Punjab, to Sadhu Sundar Singh in the northern parts of India and Tibet and then to the Naga, Khasi and Mizo revivals…this new revival cannot be contained. Cities will be impacted, social awareness and transformations will take place changing the very ‘atmosphere’ over huge areas. There will come new dynamics in church life.

I prophesy that the Church in India will come through a metamorphosis emerging into a beautiful rising Indian Bride that will shine Heaven’s Glory wherever she is. The light of the Gospel will reach every tribe and tongue and culture and sub-culture, and no one can come against what God is about to do!

The flashpoint is coming! As we get closer to the time it will get clearer what we must do. There are future leaders coming to take our place. These men and women have been mandated by heaven, charged by the Spirit, blown away by the Word and are being set in place by God’s own orchestrations. New Testament Christianity is being restored. It is time to listen. It is time to hear. It is time to obey. It is time to exercise faith as never before.

If we desire to become partakers of this new revival, we must have the faith of Abraham. We must be willing to risk it all! Abraham was willing to leave the security of the known to seek God in unknown places.

Devotion to forms, formulas, rituals and ‘careless’ living which run alongside personal agendas and philosophies will have to die. What will remain is pure passion to worship and hunger for the Presence of God.

In the past many attempts have been made by faithful men to ignite the Indian Church, set her on fire and release her through the nation…but somehow that was not the time. I personally believe the time is soon coming. We will not have to wait long.

As the Lord said, “the harvest is the end of the age” (Matt 13:39). It is therefore at this time that the harvest will be astoundingly exceptional. He has saved His best wine for last, and determined that the last would be first. Beloved, this last great harvest before the end will cover the earth with the knowledge of the Lord. The sense of God’s Presence will be everywhere. Unprecedented miracles will become common place. Life Groups will explode into large congregations. Small congregations will suddenly have thousands. Stadiums and open fields will be the only adequate place for services in the major cities. Long standing differences and enmities between churches and denominations will melt under the intense heat of this great move of God that is coming.


Christianity is presently growing faster than at any time in its history. Some have estimated that more have come to Christ in the last decade than during the entire church age from the first century. Even so, there has never been a harvest like what the world is presently experiencing. Read the daily newspapers, it is enough to discern that we live in the last days.

In my dreams in the past year, I have seen the mobilizing of great spiritual armies that God is sending over nations and areas. Powerful spiritual beings are released from God’s Throne and they will carry out His directives with great power and might. We will soon hear of entire villages or cities being changed by the power of the Light and the Glory of the Gospel.

Therefore we must pray. We must fast. We must lay aside every sin that besets us. We must encourage one another. We must give as never before. Love as never before and ask God to help us with His Wisdom and discernment, especially in these days.

My thoughts go back to that old 1898 hymn I have so often sang…

Lord, lift me up and let me stand,

By faith, on Heaven’s table land,

A higher plane than I have found;

Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.


My heart has no desire to stay

Where doubts arise and fears dismay;

Though some may dwell where those abound,

My prayer, my aim, is higher ground.

That’s my aim…my prayer. What’s yours?


Willie Soans