Of course, you can hear!


Very early in life, when

I just entered my teens I always wanted to know if there was somebody out there in the heavens…and who was ‘that’? Could I hear or respond to ‘that’?

At the frequent parties my fam

ily would attend I would intently hear my friend’s dads and other adults speak of great experiences they had with the unknown. This was of course when there was enough liquor inside them to recount these strange stories and we children would gather around in a huddle to listen in awe, sometimes late into the night.
Later on as I grew up I was attracted to books. The American Library at the Marine Lines was where I usually hung out with a few of my reading friends. It was then that I got into serious reading and thinking. I consumed Erik Von Daniken and the series from the ‘Chariots of the Gods’ to every book he had written. Then on to writers like Margaret Craven. Finally it was Ayn Rand, and others that fashioned my mind. Then on I went to experience different meditation techniques, and started on drugs, and finally on to practicing witchcraft and the occult. I thought I found it! I could hear the unknown. I could enter into a realm I had not known earlier. Soon heavy rock music aided me, carrying me into this deathly journey I desired. I went higher and higher. The mysterious and the bizarre became my familiarity and friend. My twisted mind and calloused heart refused to listen to sound advice and I thought I had found my final quest!I always had a quest deep within me.

I was terribly wrong!

Demons entered my domain. They would talk, they would laugh, they would taunt, they would challenge. Then things began to physically move around the home. I was afraid. This was something I never bargained for. Fear gripped my heart like a ghastly vice that refused to let go. Until one day all hell literally broke loose. I can never forget those days.

It was not long when I found Jesus! I was free! I was no longer afraid! And my whole perspective of the realm of the Spirit turned radically around. I fell in love with Jesus and the Bible. I would read for hours on end…and then weep. Why did I not see this before?

I still had a quest deep within me.

I wanted to hear God. And I did! And I still do…for the last forty years that I have walked with God.


Here are four simple steps I learnt. Firstly when our minds are filled with the Bible…God speaks through our thoughts. My thinking changed and I could hear heaven! This really helped me to get into the second step, and that is just to spend time being still before His Presence. You will be amazed at the clarity of His voice. Then my dreams began to become a reality. I would dream and see those things actually happen and take place. And finally, I would write my thoughts, feelings and impressions down and saw that when I looked back, God had actually spoken to me.

I still have a quest deep within me.

I sincerely desire to hear Him everyday. And He speaks…lovingly, kindly, surely and certainly. He is alive. And those that can hear Jesus can walk in His ways.

The key is in His Word…the Bible. I learnt this the hard way.


Willie Soans