When the pandemic hit the world. Satan had some very real game-changers for the ‘work-from-home’ shift among us world-wide.

Instead of seeing our co-workers, friends, and family, on a video call grid like ZOOM, we can now join them in a virtual space where we can almost do anything and even go and meet up with them.

“Meta, the new name for Facebook Inc., is a reference to the metaverse, something CEO Mark Zuckerberg is obsessed with. But it has some other meanings too — and that can get complicated, or even awkward.

In Portuguese and Spanish, it means “goal.” In Hebrew, the word means “died,” referring to a woman. More problematically, when used in Brazil — Facebook’s fourth largest market — meta can have a sexual connotation.

The metaverse that Zuck’s talking about is essentially a virtual-reality platform in which people congregate and communicate in digital environments.”

The term ‘metaverse’ is the latest catchphrase to take on the tech industry’s latest vision.

As I write, Facebook is hiring thousands of engineers in different parts of Europe to work on this. Gamers will enjoy this to the hilt. While the companies who dish out ‘edge of the chair’ games, are getting ready for the next ‘big thing’ online. You will be able to take your pick on your chosen ‘violence’ and sexual seduction that craves your appetites for the day.

But here are some deep concerns, for all who get involved. (Or are they forced to?)

Will they get access to more personal data than ever before? Will all this spread into our very personal spaces and harm our real world? Will it ‘mark’ our emotions? Will it make us less human after all? Will it rob us of true feelings and sound judgement? Will it negate marriages? Will it break the ability to practice and walk in truth? Will it break down our sense of community and fellowship because we are spending more and more time on the internet?

So, then what is this coming stuff?

This is a virtual environment you can ‘go inside’ of. Instead of just watching something on a computer screen, you can enter an endless world interconnected with thousands of virtual communities where people can meet, work and play. There will be ‘virtual reality headsets’, improved reality glasses, some extra inhibited smartphone apps and a myriad of other devices made specially to take you into this ‘make believe’ world. You can even have sex with whom you want! (Or with whatever you want, to satisfy your perversion!)

This is what I call a doppelganger universe that gives you to live a virtual life just like you live a physical life. This is the next level of connectivity. This is a ‘make-believe’ world inciting your emotions and feelings, burning into your experiences, taking you to new ‘highs’. This is a shift from 2D to 3D, a move to 5G, with even more than you’ve ever achieved before. And hey! Wait till 6G comes, (Its already around the corner with some governments on it!).

Here you can make your own ‘avatars’, buy digital clothing, attend concerts, go on a trip to a holiday of your choice, meet people, even ‘strange people’ who have demon avatars filled with spiced up and vicious appetites to befriend you. Whoa!

If you can pay enough, you can flit from virtual world to virtual world, created by various tech companies, to fill your personal desires and justify your whims and fancies.

Zuck says, “A lot of the metaverse experience is going to be around being able to teleport from one experience to another”

But who can trust all that is being said? I personally would not. I’ll tell you why.

For those who will accept this, the metaverse will completely rewire your brains and thus your thinking ability and capacity. The metaverse will take over your habits, dominate your spirit and change your character. Your brain hormone, dopamine, will always keep you on a ‘high’ visually, mentally, and emotionally.

I also believe it will dominate your work ethics and methods.  The classroom will change. The entertainment will keep you always attached to the net. Your human skills of interaction with one another will go down massively.

The metaverse will fulfil the dream of the Transhumanism believers.  Their desire to live ‘eternally’ will now be embodied in a personalized, stateless avatar, that can be changeless.

The metaverse will become a gateway for demons to enter homes and individuals. We know that evil always works through many electronic highways. The CERN in Switzerland is one such gateway to cause entities to enter from their world to ours. And now you will have it on your lap or your desk at home.

Finally, all this will become a ‘maha-platform’ for the Antichrist to come on the scene. He will suddenly come. He will enter your computer programs, run your software, demand your lifestyle, and take over your lives. He will first come as an ‘avatar’ in a harmless and friendly way. Then he will ‘takeover’ entire families and communities. The antichrist will literally tell you how and what to think!

Now allow me to turn to the Bible. This is one Book that truly knows it all!

Revelation 4:1

1 After this I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven! And the first voice which I had heard, like the sound of a [war] trumpet speaking with me, said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after these things.”

Having completed the letters to the Seven Churches of Asia, John is called up to the throne room in heaven where he is given a vision of God the Father on His throne.

‘After this I looked…’

The phrase in Greek is ‘meta tauta’ and indicates a transition from ‘the things which are’ (Rev. 1:19), the letters written to the Seven Churches of Asia in chapters 2 and 3 of Revelation.

John enters upon the second of the two major time periods into which this revelation is divided:  “what must take place after these things”.

‘A door standing open…’

Standing open is the Greek ‘ēneōgmenē’ written in a perfect tense: “a door already having been opened.” The door was opened prior to John seeing it and now stood ajar before him.

This door provides a passage for John to Heaven to be shown the events recorded hereafter. All John had to do was step in. (In Revelation 3:8, Jesus set an open door before the Philadelphian church).

Only if John was obedient to step in would the future be revealed to John. And he did, when he heard the Voice.

‘The first voice which I had heard, like the sound of a [war] trumpet speaking with me…’

This is probably better translated as: “The first voice I had heard speaking to me like a trumpet said.”

‘Come up here…’

Having written the letters to the churches, John is called to Heaven that he might look down upon all that should follow from the point of view of Heaven itself. Any true understanding of the course of world events must be based on Heaven’s perspective of those events.

There is an open invitation to Heaven for us all. The door is already ajar.

At the same time a ‘door’ is opening on earth too.

There are two doors. Both are ajar. Both have invitations. Both have a voice. Both have agendas for the future.

One to Eternal damnation, the other to Eternal Life, that Jesus made available for all the world. (John 3:16).

So here is the ‘after this’ of the crucial time we are in. The ‘meta tauta’. The transition, from where we are today, to that which must take place. I said, must take place!

Time to choose eh!