I have been interacting with a lot of millennials recently. And I’m always learning!

Who are these millennials?

But first, there are roughly four generations walking the earth today. Let me explain these generations. I am not accurate, but approximate. My source is the internet of course.

• Baby Boomers: 1946 to 1964, Between 57 to 75 years old today. Shaped by post WW 2 and the Hippie Movement.

• Generation X: 1965 to 1980, Between 41 to 56 years old today. Shaped by Personal Computers, (remember DOS?) and usually lost between two generations.

• Millennials: 1981 to 1996, Between 25 to 40 years old today. Shaped by the tech explosion of the internet and social media.

• Generation Z; 1997 to 2015, Between 6 to 24 years old today. Shaped by smartphones, social media, never knowing a country not at war, and seeing the financial struggles of their parents.

You should fit into any one of them today.

I personally am a Baby Boomer! And affected by Woodstock and the Hippie Movement with drugs and rebellion against ‘normal’ society. That’s how I grew up.

Here is my personal experience. If you see any different, you are free not to agree with me.

The millennials are the Largest, most educated generation in history. Most of them are degree holders, unlike us, who were satisfied with apprenticeships and diplomas.

Generally, they are excellent at winning arguments, but mostly poor in human experience and relationships. Most of them are in debt, and few make it to live separately not dependent on their parents’ help…even after marriage.

Let me share a few thoughts about ‘Christian’ millennials. Again, these are personal views, and I disdain from arguing it with you if you see different. But I will be downright frank. Okay?

Most of them are tolerant of people’s sin and desire to affirm the individual. This is fine, but they say that they need to love them and accept them. Hey, I know the individual is precious, but his sin needs to go. We need to not allow people to be what they want to be…but be what the Bible says they should be. Jesus loved us to the end but called sin…as sin.

Most Christian millennials have a very ‘wishy-washy’ idea of God, His Word and the Kingdom of God. Many say, “I just need Jesus, don’t tell me about Bible study and foundational teachings, or even a Quiet Time with God?”

When the Word is ignored, Christian millennials submit to weak and faulty interpretations. So, things like abortion, homosexuality, divorce and pre-marital sex are at times accepted and even tolerated.

Many Christian millennials have great difficulty in living by faith. They love the stories but can’t understand the cost and sacrifice. They want the short cuts to become successful, but few will truly learn sacrifice going the hard way.

They really don’t understand that Jesus gave a clear separation from the world. Have you seen them party? I will be honest…and here wine and beer are accepted drinks to getting sloshed and having a great time. Sad to say, even stronger drinks get acceptable in some ‘friendship’ circles. Romans 12:2 is clear…‘Do not allow this world to mold you in its own image’.

Finally, there are many who go ‘church hopping’ and ‘church bashing’. Noticed that? It is sad but their viewpoints are awry because the Word is not foundationally strong in them. If only they had more accountability and took more responsibility in the church!

But I love them! I love to hang in with them and just talk about life and love and sacrifice and dedication. I truly love them!

They are a great lot. They have the capacity and the gumption to go beyond us and change this stupid world…and they are not bashful about it. They are the new Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. They are the future of the church in India. And again…I love them.

In closing…I am a sinner saved by Grace, a fallen creature still in desperate need of Jesus. I was very similar 45 years ago. I was adamant, stubborn, brash, impatient and an angry young man. But someone had the patience and love to make friends with me, love me and teach me God’s ways.

We need to be the same to our millennials. They are great musicians, great artists and make great friends. Love them to the end.

See ya!